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You are what you eat: Beauty Chef Carla Oates says beauty begins in the belly

You are what you eat. I know most of us have heard this saying but might not consider how important it is. In fact, our cells need constant energy to regenerate and maintain biological order and this energy is fuelled from the food we consume.

This is why beauty doesn’t stop at what we put on our skin. It also matters what we put inside our bodies in the way of nutrition and supplements.

Here is a list of beauty supplements to try this new year which can help ensure we are covering all nutritional bases when it comes to looking after our skin.

The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost £16 – £29

This is a skin serum that you can drink, created by Carla Oates (pictured), founder of The Beauty Chef and author of The Beauty Chef Gut Guide, who believes beauty begins in the belly. This elixir is packed with antioxidants like Goji berry and acai, combined with extracts of Grape Seed and Zinc and Vitamin C which enhances skin elasticity for plumped and radiant skin. All ingredients have gone through a fermentation process which makes it easier for them to be absorbed into the body’s cells. Simply mix 15ml with a glass of water and consume once a day! So easy for maximum benefits.

Reparative Beauty Dose by 111skin £95

A beauty brand created by the well known 111 Harley Street clinic founder, Dr. Yannis who has over 20+ years as a renowned plastic surgeon has brought out a skincare line that replicates in-clinic treatments so customers can bring Harley street into their home. His star ingredient which beats a lot on the market is the NAC Y2 which is a combination of 3 super antioxidants which stimulates the production of Glutathione, the body’s most powerful intracellular antioxidant. The Reparative Beauty Dose offers capsules filled with NAC Y2, take 2 a day and see the results of smoother, plumper skin in a week.

SkinClear Elixir by Botanycl £24.95

This is the perfect supplement for anyone who suffers with blemish-prone skin, or even those who have started experiencing it through mask wearing. Created by Caroline Sims who was tired of using products with harsh chemicals to treat her adult acne, all of her products are 100% plant-based and have many rave reviews for how they have changed lives with healing skin and boosting confidence.

Olivia Hughes-Lundy
With a background in Media makeup and beauty, Olivia is a digital beauty merchandiser for a large luxury retailer. She brings youth, experience and an obsession with all things beauty and makeup related to her column.

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