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World Vegetarian Day: Seema shows us how to make a mushroom risotto for FIVE for under a fiver

With one in five 18-24 year olds expanding their cooking and baking skills over the past 18 months, students leaving the family home and heading to university are looking for ways to create dishes that won’t break the bank.

To inspire this generation of aspiring foodies, Samsung KX has partnered with Mob Kitchen’s food producer, Seema Pankhania, to upskill the nation on how to create, capture and share delicious recipes – all for just £1 per person!

Having amassed over half a million TikTok followers with her savvy recipe creations, Seema shows students that they can create and enjoy delicious and nutritious dishes for both themselves and their flatmates, no matter the budget.

Using every day essential ingredients for a cheap and cheerful price tag of just £4.88, Seema’s recipe (below) is available to watch on the Samsung KX content hub here.

Seema gives a step-by-step tutorial of how to recreate her succulent vegan Miso Mushroom Risotto recipe for five people, whilst also giving her expert tips and tricks for how best to capture and edit food content for maximum effect on TikTok.

Seema uses the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G to film the entire tutorial, capturing every detail with its Quad Rear Camera and showcasing its toolbox of AI-powered features for both shooting and editing TikTok videos, to help elevate every single frame.

Seema Pankhania of Mob Kitchen

Seema’s top TikTok tips for capturing and sharing recipes

1. Natural light – Natural light is key when capturing pictures and videos of your recipes, and having objects positioned around the photo that match the final dish such as cutlery, napkins or a tablecloth, will make your overall content pop

2. Get equipped – A tripod is crucial for creating engaging recipe content, as viewers can have a bird’s eye view of what you’re doing throughout. I personally like to have it really close and super zoomed, so you can see every little detail

3. Remove smoke and steam – Often smoke and steam can cloud the camera, so make sure you turn on the extractor fan, open a window or add a fan near your work surface so it can be blown away.

4. Angle awareness – Don’t forget to move your camera into different positions and angles as you work through your recipe, to ensure every step is fully in shot. When initially setting up your tripod, you want the angle of your camera to be facing directly towards the sun, so that it shines through onto your board to get the best light possible. When frying off ingredients in the pan, moving the camera above will allow you to see everything in full.

5. Preparation is key – When making TikTok videos, make the movements clean and slick by putting all ingredients into separate bowls before filming. So when each ingredient goes into the pan, it makes it smoother rather than stopping to gran the chopping board multiple times.

6. Give yourself options – Take multiple shots when you’re frying off ingredients in the pan, as when it comes round to editing you can pick which one you like the best.

7. Slow it down – When it comes to plating up your finished meal, stir and spoon it out of the pan slowly, as it will help to make it look super glossy.

Miso Mushroom Risotto

Ingredients List

  • 1 Bulb Garlic – 13p
  • 380g Mushrooms – 82p
  • 1 Onion – 10p
  • 1 Mushroom Stock Cube – 20p
  • 50g Miso Paste – 67p
  • 375g Risotto Rice – £1.31
  • 200ml White Wine – 73p
  • Small Handful Of Parsely – 17p (About 5g)
  • 50g Parmesan – 75p
  • Salt Pepper
  • Olive Oil

TOTAL = £4.88


  1. Preheat the oven to 180C Slice your bulb of garlic in half.
  2. Place it into a piece of tin foil with a glug of oil and wrap tightly.
  3. Bake in the oven for 30 mins. Break up the mushrooms with your hands and finely chop your onion.
  4. Prepare your mushroom stock with 1.25 litres of boiling water. Add in your miso paste and mix well to dissolve.
  5. Get a pan on a medium-high heat and add in a big glug of oil. Add in half the mushrooms and cook for 5 mins until deeply browned. Set aside and repeat with the remaining mushrooms. Removing all the mushrooms to a bowl.
  6. Add in the onion and cook for 5 mins until lightly golden. Pour in the risotto rice and toast for 1 min. Then your crispy mushrooms (save a handful for garnish later) and deglaze the pan with your white wine.
  7. When most of the wine has been absorbed, add in a ladle of stock. Mix well and continue cooking on a low heat until about most of the liquid has been absorbed.
  8. Add another ladle of stock and stir thoroughly. Repeat this process gradually as the rice continues to soak up the stock until you have run out of stock. If the rice isn’t cooked through, just keep adding water sock until it is.
  9. When the garlic has roasted, push the soft garlic out of the bulb and smash it with the back of your knife. Stir this into the risotto.
  10. Finely chop the parsley.
  11. When your risotto, grate in the parmesan and season with salt and pepper. Serve with your saved crispy mushrooms, parsley and more parmesan.

Shopping List

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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