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Wild swimming, wild camping, now enjoy a spot of mental freedom with wild washing

The world seems to have gone ‘wild’, literally. All those months of being locked up have given us a yearning to connect with nature.

And is it any wonder? Who wouldn’t be tempted to ditch the evil Zoom demon for a naked swim in a river or lake or get wild in the country with some off grid camping with only your bestie, a campfire and a tent for company.

Many imaginations have been stimulated by the ‘wilding’ movement which seems to have gained momentum of late.

If you didn’t know, wilding is a process-led approach committed to restoring ecological function, with benefits to people and wildlife. According to it’s as much about soil restoration, flood mitigation, water and air purification, carbon sequestration and pollination as it is about more space for nature.

But it’s really about letting nature take care of itself, enabling natural processes to shape land and sea, repair damaged ecosystems and restore degraded landscapes.

When nature is healthy, we are healthier too. We rely on the natural world for water, food and air. And there is a growing realisation that connecting with wild nature makes us feel good and keeps us mentally and physically well.

But if you’re not of a mind to join the rewilding movement, or too shy to get your kit off and jump in a river, there’s a way to get wild without actually being that wild. So, wild for wimps.

Bath by Plumbworld

Yes, ‘wild washing’ is trending in the news as more and more people are looking for outdoor bathing solutions for their gardens.

According to James Hickman, CEO of online bathroom retailer Plumbworld, there’s been a huge surge – up by 200% – in website searches for outdoor bathing.

He says: “What could be better than bathing under the sun or the stars in one of these open-air bathrooms.

By Plumbworld

“There are so many benefits to having an outdoor shower; no more dripping to the bathroom post hot tub or sprinkler sessions and they also provide a fast solution to cleaning muddy dogs and grubby children, without having to first traipse through the house.” 

Outdoor shower by Plumbworld

But if you don’t have the outside space to create your own wild washing experience there are plenty of fantastic holiday huts and cottages for rental which offer the experience. Have a look at some of these beauts.

The Woodsman’s Treehouse, Dorset, offers the ultimate in outdoor bathing, a steam in the rooftop sauna, followed by an outdoor shower in the trees AND a dip in the tub.

Woodsman’s Treehouse, Dorset.
Woodsman’s Treehouse bathing experience

Bathe in the views at Maylies, Northumberland. This stylish double shepherd’s hut, has a huge outdoor bath, with stunning views over the Northumberland National Park.

Maylies, Northumberland.

Up^ in The Wye Valley is a funky hut with a fun outdoor bath on the deck, a great place for a sundowner or a long relaxing soak, listening to the tinkle of the grand piano from the cabin. 


Up, The Wye Valley

The Old Piggery, Devon, is part of the medieval Windout Farm which boasts a giant pair of rolltop baths positioned perfectly for hillside views.  

The Old Piggery, Devon.

For more wild washing locations check out Canopy and Stars.

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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