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Voice UK winner Kevin Simm urges men to talk about baldness and its impact on mental health

Singer Kevin Simm, the former Voice UK winner, Liberty X and now frontman for the iconic Wet Wet Wet supergroup, knows only too well the impact of hair loss on mental health.

The 40-year-old father of two from Chorley, Lancashire, underwent a hair transplant two years ago and has never looked back.

Going bald is the biggest worry for over one in 10 British men with more than two-thirds (68%) saying hair loss affects their mental health and five per cent have even felt suicidal because of it

In fact, half say they worry more about their hair loss than getting ill, 40% worried more about it than their career and over a third (35%) are more concerned about their hairline than money

Following the findings of the Juvida ‘Bald Truth’ report Kevin is urging men to discuss the issue and take action.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all. There’s a real stigma around hair loss and other men in particular make fun of it. Women don’t seem to mind but around men it is an issue. It needs to be less of a stigma.

“I’ve been a singer since I left school and while everyone is vain to a certain extent and wants to look their best, there’s even more pressure in the public eye.

“Every day I’d look in a mirror and notice it. Eventually you try to disguise it a bit and then it becomes an obsession. You’re constantly conscious about going bald and it really adds extra stress to your personal ups and downs.

“In my job, you start thinking about how it will affect you and the impact of turning up to a gig looking like rubbish and then you’re anxious about going on stage. For me, I thought about a hair transplant for a long time, since my early 20s.

“I would absolutely recommend having a hair transplant, it’s absolutely transformed me and given me more confidence and made me less self-conscious.

“Nowadays it’s more common and I found my transplant strangely exciting because you know it’s going to transform the way you look and feel.

“The actual experience was quite a nice day! You go through the healing stage and don’t look great for a few days after, but it was fairly quick on how much it changes. Quite strange experience.”

Commissioned by Juvida, the award-winning UK centre of excellence for hair loss, the report ‘Juvida – The Bald Truth About Mental Health ‘, researched the devastating impact of going bald on male wellbeing.

The research polled a thousand men nationwide suffering from varying degrees of hair loss and reveals over three-quarters (77%) say it has knocked their confidence, with more than two-thirds less confident than before they started losing their hair and over half (52%) believing it had made them less attractive.

Six-out-10 men say they are treated differently than before they started balding, with a quarter (25%) believing it has had a negative effect on their career, nearly half (49% ) reckoned it was also bad news for their love life and one in 10 saying it even made them worse at sports.

Juvida is an award-winning, ARTAS centre of excellence clinic, that specialises in restoring hairlines and has invested in unique technology as well as excellent clinicians to achieve natural-looking and guaranteed results for its customers undergoing hair transplants, hair regrowth and other treatments.

Its team of consultants is headed by Dr Umear Ahmad, who work at its COVID safe exclusive Yorkshire spa-like headquarters where Juvida has an international clientele that counts celebrities and pop stars among its customers.

“Thankfully, men are seeking advice, we have seen a 25% increase in enquiries during the current pandemic with many men using the lockdown period to undergo treatment. It means no-one needs to know they have had a procedure if they want to be discrete about their hair transplant,” said Dr Umear.

With free consultations (available now virtually as well as in person), the clinic is different because it creates bespoke treatments for each client with prices averaging £5K for a hair transplant and from as little as £29.99 for medication. Juvida also guarantees results with a year of aftercare to ensure customers get the head of hair they want at no extra cost.

For a free consultation and further information including payment plans, visit Juvida.

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