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Trauma nurse writes vegetarian cook book for carnivores

With health and environment experts advising us to lean towards a more plant-based diet, orthopaedic trauma nurse – and former chef – Sarah McLean has used her years of experience to put together Vegetarian Food for Carnivores – a collection of family-friendly recipes aimed at anyone who wants to eat less meat and feel healthier.

When Sarah left school, she trained as a chef but struggled with the ethics of using meat. As a result she decided to re-train as a nurse but as her career advanced, her love of cooking endured.

Twenty years on the wards gave her a real awareness of the connection between poor diet, the medical conditions it causes and its impact on life expectancy. *

With an impending visit from Sarah’s Australian Uncle Jimmy – a confirmed meat eater and lover of barbecues – the idea for Vegetarian Food for Carnivores was conceived. Sarah obviously wanted Uncle Jimmy to enjoy his stay but she also wanted to avoid cooking meat every day.

She looked at traditional meat dishes and set about converting them to recipes that could be made with Quorn and other meat-free alternatives. Uncle Jimmy loved all the meals Sarah had cooked him, without even noticing they were all meat-free. 

This gave her the idea for her book, as she explained: “I wanted to create a book that would cross the boundary between vegetarian and meat-based cookery and would help people reduce their meat intake in order to preserve the environment, reduce animal cruelty and to feel healthier.

“It’s a recipe book that can be used by anyone: It will provide meals for the meat-eating family who have vegetarian / vegan family or friends to stay and simply don’t know what to cook! It’s ideal for families who have a mix of vegetarian and meat eating members because it saves having to cook two meals. It’s also perfect for vegetarians who have an ‘Uncle Jimmy’ coming to stay!”

Vegetarian Food for Carnivores contains 64 family-friendly recipes that are traditionally made with meat, including Welsh Oggie, Goulash, Chilli con Carne, Mushroom Stroganoff, Irish Stew, Shepherds Pie, Toad in the Hole, Sausage & Cider Stew, Tagine and Coq au Vin. It also includes some festive recipes too!

Sarah’s delicious recipes have easy-to-follow steps, using readily available ingredients, and they are accompanied by colour photographs. The recipes are also suitable for people who need to reduce their fat and cholesterol or simply for anyone who wants to reduce their meat intake.

Most health studies published in recent years have demonstrated that eating a more plant-based diet improves body weight, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. The book provides a comprehensive list of reasons why we all need to eat less meat, referencing reports and research made from several organisations including the WHO, JAMA Internal Medicine and UCLA. 

Vegetarian Food for Carnivores is an ideal recipe book for anyone who cares about their health and the environment and – of course – anyone who loves delicious food!

Available now from Waterstones and Amazon or directly here:

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