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Time to Sho off with a reusable, eco-friendly water bottle

Sober March is an event that raises money for Macmillan Cancer Support and encourages you not to partake of any alcohol until the end of the month (and let your friends bet on how long you will last).

Considering I am the Drinks Editor of The Best Life Project, I sadly could not partake fully. However, I decided to increase my water intake – one of the greatest health benefits of Sober March.

SHO sent me a water bottle to trial so I thought I would document my progress this month. The first few days were a bit strange considering I had to remember that instead of my usual sugar-laden, fizzy drink supply, I was committed to having water.

As time passed, however, it became second nature to grab the water bottle at hand. Mine was pretty attractive looking, lime green matte finish, sturdy design, and a handy insulated body that kept my water cold and refreshing (see below).

These types of insulated bottles, with an iconic chrome cap, have become an accessory of sorts in most offices, but the best reason most people should use them is to limit our collective consumption of single use plastics.

Now as we are halfway through the month, the bottle is not leaving my side, going everywhere with me albeit only from the kitchen to the front room, or when I travel from Manchester to my head office in Liverpool.

Whilst the bottle is not dishwasher friendly, it is easy to clean and maintain and has improved my quality of life – water is a necessity and, after all, we are all 60% water.

The company supplies an array of designer ranges, some of which are even personalisable which reveals a little of your personality every time you sip. I am contemplating getting a second so that I can keep one in the fridge chilling whilst the other one is in use.

Prices start from £19.99 from the SHO website

Hank Hughes-Lundy
Hank has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Hospitality, specialising in the drinks sector. He runs a consultancy business, Big H Hospitality and is a hospitality tutor for Barfection, enthusing our next generation. You will always find him in the kitchen at parties mixing a mean cocktail.

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