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Three cheers for three of 2020’s top drinks innovators

So it’s almost Christmas 2020 and what an interesting year it has been for us all. But for some drinks companies it’s been a year of innovation. Here are three that have made huge leaps this year and secured their niche in the market.

Witch King

Witch Kings Rum Liqueurs

Maxi and Biz came together at the start of June 2020 to create these amazing liqueurs. The attractive theme is based on the stories of ethereal beings coming to our world with other worldly delights to trade with people. With three bewitching flavours – Fires Of The Wild (strawberry, lemon and chilli), Sunset Solstice (peach, ginger and lime) and Bohemian Dreams (blueberry, pineapple and mint) – you can see why we’re loving Witch Kings so much. I highly recommend you try them for yourself!

Alphabet Brewing

Alphabet Brewing Company

The guys at Alphabet had a runaway success over the last six years producing some fantastic beers. With lockdown interrupting their sales, as they went straight to keg and then into bars, they had to change their game plan. They quickly flipped over to a direct-to-home sales approach and came up with the delightful virtual brewery tour and tasting that I had the pleasure to take part in two weeks ago. Now they have the range in full flow, they have turned their hands to creating new and seasonal specials which, I can vouch, will be some of the best liquids for that Friday night in!

Also, a big thank you to Alphabet Brewing Company for raising £1500 for Hospitality Action over the cyber weekend. This organisation helps vulnerable hospitality industry retirees access local support, emergency grants and provides mental health resources for those who have struggled during the pandemic.

Carabica from Evolution Drinks

Evolution Drinks

Our final product comes from the inventive mind of John Terry, of Evolution Drinks. The Carabica Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur is a blend of Caribbean rum and Arabica coffee with a hint of sweetness. With a strong background in the flavourings industry, John understands how to apply flavours to beverages and some time with Halewood International gave him insight into the production and supply. After a somewhat fortunate redundancy, John decided to go on to make Carabica and hasn’t looked back since!

Hank Hughes-Lundy
Hank has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Hospitality, specialising in the drinks sector. He runs a consultancy business, Big H Hospitality and is a hospitality tutor for Barfection, enthusing our next generation. You will always find him in the kitchen at parties mixing a mean cocktail.

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