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Taste test: Jimmy’s Iced Coffee takes our morning boost to another level

By Jasmine Pn

Coffee is generally fuel to knock some consciousness into us before going to work. Jimmy’s Iced Coffee takes it to the next level, taking delicious coffee and turning it into a collection of cold drinks.

As someone who loves oat milk as a cow’s milk alternative, the Oat Flat White was right up my alley. The first thing I noticed was a velvety mouthfeel which oat milk boasts on its own, alongside the chocolate notes on the tip of your tongue, it makes for an experience you want to savour. There are also hints of vanilla and a delicious robusta finish shining through, not one you should knock back in a hurry.

If you’re after a boost, the Extra Shot Flat White will hit the spot. Delicious and milky but with a punchy caffeine hit as well as the smooth coffee notes. For coffee fiends, this is the best on-the-go option. I speak from experience when I say I practically lived on these when I managed events that could last up to 12+ hours. Only fond memories from me.

The Coffee Cola is something you won’t see everywhere, combining refined cola flavours with a blend of coffee that breaks through the sweeter notes. It’s a real change of pace from your usual sodas. Upon first tasting I wondered how this would work in a twist on a Cuba Libre and Jimmy’s had the same idea as they presented Sunday Brunch with the Turbo Libre – 100ml of Coffee Cola, 40ml of Banana Bomb Spiced Rum, and a squeeze of lime. Mouthwatering!

If you’re like me, coffee is a full day drink and not just for mornings. Have a full day of Jimmy’s and start with the Extra Shot to wake you up, Oat Flat White with a delicious lunch and spike your Coffee Cola in the evening with a shot of rum. You can do it all guilt free too as Jimmy’s is Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and made with 100% recycled packaging.

Pop onto their website to find where to buy Jimmy’s near you or directly with their subscription service ensuring you don’t miss your coffee fixes. There’s a current offer of a FREE trial pack, click here.

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