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Suffering from Long Covid symptoms? One woman has found the solution

Rosa Fisher had been battling Covid-19 for seven months. She was struggling daily with chronic pain, extreme fatigue and other debilitating symptoms and could no longer work. She was devastated by the effects of this illness on her life.

She then undertook a psycho-neurological training process and started recovering immediately. Six weeks later she was healthy and energised.

A freelance Animation Director in London and part-time film extra, Rosa, aged 29, contracted Covid in March 2020 on a film set and was soon forced to move back to her parents’ home to be cared for, as she was so ill.

Following typical symptoms of the virus including shortness of breath and loss of appetite, each day she was experiencing dizziness, burning or tingling skin, chronic aches and pains alongside extreme tiredness.

Rosa started telling her story, warning others that Long Covid not only existed but that 186,000 people are known to be living with the debilitating effects of the condition (and this figure is increasing).

It was then, that Lauren Stoney, a Health Coach and Lightning Process Practitioner in East Sussex, came across Rosa and got in touch to tell her that she’d already helped two other people eliminate their symptoms.

Rosa Fisher, cured of Long Covid symptoms

“The Lightning Process offered me hope when I was feeling utterly hopeless. I was in a place where I was completely incapacitated on the sofa, with up and down rollercoaster style relapses and a whole catalogue of symptoms,” said Rosa.

What is the Lightning Process? In many chronic conditions, the body is in a ‘sympathetic nervous system’ response which will be fuelling symptoms. The Lightning Process® is a three-day health program that, using the principles of neuroscience, teaches people how to change their nervous system response through psycho-neurological training. It is commonly used for chronic fatigue, pain, anxiety and depression, and has also seen positive results for some autoimmune issues.

The program sparked Rosa’s interest so much, that she decided to work with Lauren and give it a go. “The more I found out about the Lightning Process the more it resonated with me and I felt that it was a good fit. I started to get an immense sense of hope and I just couldn’t wait to do it.”

Lauren said: “Typically my clients have tried everything by the time they get to me. But key to the Lightning Process is something called the ‘illness neurology’ and this is the gateway between brain and body communication. By educating clients on this, they come away with both awareness of what needs to be changed and a tool that enables them to do it. Unlike a lot of other therapies, clients play a very active role in the recovery process which in itself is great, because it really reinforces just how much we are able to influence our lives when we know how.”

Rosa was soon active again and even started making her own clothes. “Six weeks after completing the course I was just ecstatic to feel connected to who I am again, I felt and still feel, like my normal bouncy self… I can’t emphasise enough what a difference it has made to my life, I’ve even re-learnt how to do the splits!” she said.

Rosa’s mother, Jill, also wrote to Lauren expressing her gratitude: “I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Rosa. She has transformed from being in a state of continual pain and exhaustion to being creative, energetic, happy, and inspired.”

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Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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