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Stuck for lockdown Valentine’s Day gift ideas? These are sure to get your S.O. in the mood for love

It’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday, just in case you weren’t aware, and this will be the first lockdown day for lovers, so a big effort is required.

But if you’re single why not just treat yourself to some of the goodies in this guide, after all, as the experts say, if you don’t love yourself, you’ll never love anyone else.

Rosy glow

So, this Valentine’s, why not share the intention of love and compassion with some beautiful Rose Quartz jewellery with accompanying meditation series.

Highlighting the loving properties of the Rose Quartz gemstone, Silatha’ s jewellery line is purposefully charged with the energy of love and compassion. This crystal helps dissolve emotional wounds and inspires openness to true love, enabling us to give and receive love from others and more importantly, create more love for ourselves.

Each of Silatha’s gemstones comes with access to the matching series on the meditation app. Together, the app and the gem empower women to feel re-energised and balanced.

This rosequartz self love necklace and app is £79.

Fittie tribute

It’s been a long year of restricted travel and many couples in long distance relationships haven’t been able to see each other due to the pandemic. With numbers still skyrocketing, it’s looking like they won’t be seeing each other for Valentine’s Day either. 

Trying to think of the perfect gift to send to your loved one to make them feel especially valued even from far away? Try creating a Tribute. Tribute is a video messaging platform that creates video montages of friends and loved ones to send to that special person. It’s hard to think of a better way to express your love for your significant other than by showing them how much they are loved by people in all areas of their life. This unique gift can be created for FREE and it doesn’t require leaving the house.

Burning love

Is Valentine’s Day even Valentine’s Day without a house full of candles? Well choosing which candle – and which scent – is even more important now we’re all stuck indoors as different scents can encourage different emotions and feelings.

And we all need a little bit of love right now, so scented candle and wax melt favourites Ava May Aromas has pulled together its top favourite scents which will help create the perfect atmosphere while at home this Valentine’s Day.

The firm, which was founded by 25-year-old Hannah Chapman two years ago and has now sold almost half a billion wax melts, has also just released its first-ever Valentine’s Day gift box – and it’s beautiful! 

Priced at £30, the limited-edition ‘I Love You’ box contains a gorgeous heart wax melt burner, a room spray, one tea light pack and three wax melts – all in a scent of your choice. 

Sexy man in jumper alert

No-one can resist a man in a sexy V-neck. The End. Men’s cashmere V-neck, John Lewis £99.

Melt their heart

If your significant other is super-kitsch, then this personalised snow globe (you can add your own photo) will melt their heart. Valentines Glitter Globe, Boots £6.99.

Love Champers and chocs

Tried and trusted, what’s not to love about Champagne and Truffles and whilst we’re all loved up with the frolics of Bridgerton, what could be more in the super sexy moment than Chatsworth champagne and truffles £55.

This gift is perfect for any celebration. Presented in a Chatsworth gift box with a hand tied ribbon or a Chatsworth lined wicker basket, this gift includes:

  • Chatsworth Brut Grand Cru Champagne 75cl
  • Chatsworth marc de champagne truffles 100g
  • Chatsworth sensational sea salt caramel truffles 100g

When ordering, select either a gift box or wicker basket for your hamper.

Sexy elixir

A London based wellness and beauty brand, Sasha Sabapathy founded Glow Bar in London with a goal to revolutionise the way women deal with stress and anxiety. With the gap between health and beauty tightening, Glow Bar is one of the first and most influential brands to smoothly tap into this ever-rising market.

One of their most coveted wonder products is Super Sexy. An aphrodisiac blend of super herbs to boost your mood, lift energy and leave you feeling fired up and sensual; this powdered elixir is designed to be added to your drink of choice to ensure boosting your sex drive has never been easier. A vegan blend of adaptogenic herbs such as Muira Puama, Horny Goat Weed and Maca promises to increase your energy levels and boost your sex drive. 

Formulated to be whisked, stirred or blended into your hot drink, shake or smoothie, Super Sexy comes in a blended powder form and is a simple way of incorporating these miracle herbs into your daily routine. It is recommended that Super Sexy be consumed once a day to gain maximum benefits from its healing powers. It is available to purchase from for £32.50.

Two’s company

Who can resist a bit of couples togetherness on Valentine’s Day, so these His and Hers Better Together socks, £23, from Etsy, make the perfect cosy pairing.

Main pic: @designecologist

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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