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Start your year with a FREE coaching session and make 2021 your best yet with Kim Gowland Coaching

2020 was a year of phenomenal change for all of us, both in our work and our personal lives, and this year is likely to be another rollercoaster!

Change is constant, and it’s something that many of us struggle with. We can, though, learn to navigate life’s changes with much more confidence, clarity and purpose, and maximise our potential to create our happiest and most fulfilled lives. Here is something that can help you do this.

This month, Kim Gowland (pictured) is offering a FREE 45-minute coaching session to 10 subscribers of The Best Life Project, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Whatever changes you’re going through or want to make in your life, Kim can explore them and talk about how to make 2021 an amazing year for you.

Kim says: “2020 caused many of us to rethink what is most important to us in our lives and careers. Many of us have sadly lost jobs, others have taken the opportunity to start new careers, some are really struggling with the uncertainty of the future and dealing with the fallout of the impact of the pandemic.

“Perhaps we have enjoyed some of the changes, like less commuting and more time at home with our families. Personally too, life has been full of change and transition. For some, relationships have ended or changed irrevocably, some have suffered bereavements, separation or divorce or, more happily, got married or welcomed additions to the family.

“One of things I do in my coaching business is to work with people to make the most of change and create the lives they were born to lead. I run a transformational coaching and development course called Brilliant Transitions, which helps people fulfil their personal and/or professional potential.”

Brilliant Transitions is a small group programme lasting around eight weeks. It includes a combination of group coaching and 1-1 coaching, with the added benefit of group support, inspiration and insight. As a participant in Kim’s course, you will:

· Learn about key models of change and transition and apply them to your situation

· Develop clarity around your vision of the future

· Tackle self-limiting beliefs and build long-lasting inner confidence

· Be more able to cope with uncertainty

· Identify and take actions to create positive change

· Create a sustainable self-care programme to support your ongoing wellbeing

· Be part of an inspirational learning environment of trust and openness with other participants, sharing your stories and creating a network which will last beyond the eight-week programme

· Benefit from working with a highly skilled leadership and change coach and facilitator

This is what some of Kim’s clients have said about Brilliant Transitions:

Brilliant transition. Pic by @patrickhendry

“Definitely five stars! The course gave me the strength and confidence not only to navigate my way through a difficult process with work, but also to develop a vision of my future career, and challenge self-limiting beliefs holding me back. Kim has a light touch, knowing exactly when to step in and probe/question, and a warmth and openness that encourages the same in others.” ***** DY, Manchester.

“I wanted to achieve a better work/life balance. I didn’t know what that might look like and I felt stuck. I would give this programme a high score of 9, or even 10. This is because it has equipped me with tools to help me keep working towards my goals. It didn’t disappoint and [signing up] was the best decision I have made in a long time. ”***** MM, Wales.

“I feel much more settled about what I am doing and feel like I have the tools and understanding to really boost my confidence and self-belief. Being part of the group was fantastic – sharing experiences, goals, concerns etc was so helpful. The 1-1 coaching was also brilliant. I think the combination works really well. “ ****SM, Yorkshire.

Kim’s next Brilliant Transitions course starts in late January. There are only six places, so booking early is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Kim can also run this programme on a 1-1 basis on request.

About Kim Gowland

Following a successful 25-year career in culture, with many years as a senior leader, Kim followed her own dreams of transition and retrained to be a coach.

Her passion is helping others to fulfil their potential, and to live their happiest and most authentic lives and careers.

As a change and transition expert, she set up the Brilliant Transitions group programme because she believed in the power of groups to magnify growth, inspiration and positive change.

Kim is also an Executive and Leadership Coach, working 1-1 with clients to help them thrive in their roles.

You can find out more here:

To sign up for a free coaching session (to take place before January 21) this is what you need to do:

Request to join Kim’s Facebook group:

Once you are in the group, send Kim a message on Messenger with the words: Best Life Project Coaching Session. She will contact you to arrange the session, which will take place on Zoom.

Alternatively, email [email protected] to ask for your free coaching session.

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