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Spiritual healer uses gifts to do business in an alternative way

With supermodel looks, a quietly confident yet grounded energy and an eight-figure business behind her, Jennifer Longmore is not your average spiritual healer. 

Tipped to be a leading voice on the ‘great awakening’ in 2021, Jennifer, from Toronto, Canada, has plans to share what she knows to be an alternative way of doing business in today’s modern world. 

An internationally-acclaimed radio host, 10-time best-selling author, healer, and speaker, Jennifer is recognised for creating a six-figure enterprise within the first 10 months of launching her healing practice.

Today she is best known for teaching visionaries and spirit-based entrepreneurs how to create profitable and sustainable business models and highly-conscious businesses.

From being a baby in a crib seeing orbs of light, to graduating from university to become a forensic social worker helping others with more conventional methods, to standing in the spotlight on a stage in front of thousands, Jennifer Longmore’s own life voyage has seen many transitions.

But it was a car accident that invited her to reassess her own life and follow her true calling. 

Today as much of the developed world struggles financially, Jennifer has sharpened her focus on helping thousands to Heal Your Money Story via her book and create greater abundance in all areas of life, not just bank accounts.

Jennifer believes that how we view money, how much we acquire or push away, comes from deep routed DNA Money Cells that hold the key to the basic structure and function of our lives.

It is here that Jennifer, a master at helping others eradicate self-judgments and break conventions, takes the microscope to individuals and helps to establish a new fingerprint and strong foundation for the building blocks of their lives leading to new comfort zones without fears and labels.

By the age of 40 Jennifer had achieved more than your average business owner may in a lifetime. Whilst she fully lives out her ‘soul’s purpose’ and runs a highly profitable business helping millions of people in over 100 countries – she’s also a mother and a wife, a dog mom, serial investor and donates regularly to charitable causes.

‘Born to spiritually ‘woke’ parents and doing past life regressions from the age of four – it became apparent she couldn’t ignore her gifts’

Yet she continues to help millions of people in over 100 countries through her podcasts, online coaching practice and #1 training school in Akashic Records, the premier training school for spiritual entrepreneurs.

Akashic Records or the Akashic library is a history of every thought, word and action of every living creature throughout time. When you access the Akashic library you open yourself up to the universe’s divine wisdom and guidance.

People who have experienced accessing the Akashic Records report many different experiences. Many encounter guides, angels, and other behind-the-scenes players. Others report experiences of “channelling,” while some experience the Akashic Records through dreams.

Born to spiritually ‘woke’ parents and doing past life regressions from the age of four – it became apparent she couldn’t ignore her gifts. However, life was a struggle and born to working class parents, Jennifer found herself labouring on a farm at the age of 10 helping to contribute to the family income. 

Says Jennifer: “I was seeing orbs as a baby, I was very telekenetic and telepathic by the age of three, and my grandfather (who was a psychic medium with the police) was mailing me books like Seth Speaks and Oversoul Seven, by the time I was seven.

“Having been raised in a spiritually open home, I didn’t think of myself as different until I went out into the world. I learned quickly that others felt very uncomfortable about my level of ‘knowingness’ and I didn’t like making others feel uncomfortable so I filtered my words and downplayed my gifts.”

Despite this, Jennifer excelled at university and moved into forensic social work. Fast forward five years and she had established a Reiki healing business. She left social work behind and hit the six-figure mark within 12 months.

It did, however, take a tragic car crash for her to take this leap of faith and “claim her power”, healing herself with Reiki. 

Jennifer is a self-confessed go-giver and connector. She’s also a human rights campaigner, a raw vegan, a huge animal lover and loves to empower other women to claim their own version of abundance. 

Jennifer adds: “Above all – I credit my success to date by leading with service, rather than chasing the money. I love what I do and can’t wait to see what this new era opens up for us all.” 

Jennifer is regularly featured in the media including Fox News, Bustle, The LA Times and has worked with many leading business figures in the world. This year, she plans to float her business on the stock market, which includes her real-estate arm.

She will also continue to invest in causes which inspire her. Plus she has big plans to inspire others with her alternative business success story in the mainstream media. 

She says: “I have served over 100,000 souls in over 100 countries (and am committed to reaching over 1,000,000 before I leave this)

“I’ve been gifted the opportunity to share my message a million times over on major media, keynote talks and have rubbed elbows with some really amazing influencers and leading-edge luminaries.

“I have this because I gave myself permission to thrive on my purpose, be divinely compensated for working on behalf of the universe, be in my power unapologetically, and continue expanding my wealth consciousness.”

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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