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Should I go or should I stay? Travel truth and lies unmasked

Travel Truth and Lies Unmasked by Martin Lindstrom

Did you spend this summer envying people who were brave enough to travel abroad or tutting at their foolishness?

Whatever camp you are in, Behavioural Psychologist and best-selling author Martin Lindstrom’s latest offering will either persuade you to never leave your house again or happily embark on the ‘new normal’ way of travelling.

This 90 page FREE to download (download here) book is a very easy read and whilst many of the references are not particularly robust (Wikipedia, news outlets) you will almost certainly find yourself murmuring ‘well yes, that makes sense’. It is, after all, a practical guide which will make you reach for the anti-bacterial wipes.

He said: “The world of travel we once knew is no longer the same and like everyone I began to wonder, what is the reality of travelling these days? After quickly googling ‘Covid safety while flying’ I discovered that it’s almost impossible to hunt down the truth. So I set out to write a book that will equip people with some handy hints as they embark on their first travel adventure in our ‘new normal’ world.” In these uncertain times, one thing is certain and that is, a consumer’s number one priority is their health and safety.”

Lindstrom covers a number of subject areas from the role of culture (citing the Japanese obsession with cleanliness) to our behavioural conditioning in airports and how you should always travel with Ziplock bags – and it’s not for the onboard liquids. His conclusions about the risks associated with flying dispel a few myths and add a few more fears, which will get you murmuring again.

You need to read to the end to get your travel safety tips, but at only 90 pages, it will feel like a short hop to Europe (if only!)

Jacqueline Hughes-Lundy
Employing her business skills, experience and love of writing all in one place.

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