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Shed chic: How Louise’s lockdown project created a social media storm

Louise Martin always dreamed of owning a summer house, somewhere where she could sit peacefully and indulge her passion of knitting.

But when she was furloughed from her jewellery merchandising job in lockdown and money suddenly became tight, she could see her dream slipping away from her.

So being a creative woman, Louise, who lives near Glasgow, got to work on the garden shed and its contents which comprised pieces of furniture, tins of paint, the odd spade, the usual shed paraphernalia.

“I decided that I wanted to renovate the shed with everything that I’d already got, so I started by painting the inside with white paint which made a dramatic difference instantly,” she says.

“In our last house we had a conservatory with some nice furniture which was too good to throw away so that was also stored in the shed. I hosed it all down and it came up like new.”

Being an ace knitter – she specialises in chunky Aran and cable stitch knit throws – Louise made her own cushions and rooted out some Habitat lanterns that had been stored away in years gone by. She added some funky lights, a nice rug and the whole reno cost next to nothing.

It’s pretty cold in Scotland at the moment, so an old heater was a necessary addition.

So, how did Joseph, Louise’s husband take to his artistic wife hijacking the shed – often referred to as a man cave?

“We have a double garage, so amazingly he went along with it. When he saw it, he just couldn’t believe the transformation. In fact, he was so amazed and proud that he ordered me a summer house, and although I love it, it doesn’t have the unique feel of my revamped shed.”

When Louise posted her handiwork on social media, it received thousands of likes.

“I couldn’t believe how much everyone loved it. I’m still shocked by the reaction. Maybe I should turn it into a business.”

For more info about Louise’s knitting follow her on Instagram @little_big_knits

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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