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Single on Valentine’s Day? You’re not alone, so check out these survival tips

One in four women will spend Valentine’s Day alone this year… by choice.

A new study examining the opinions of 2,000 women when it comes to the season of romance found that one in four (23 per cent) will be adopting an unconventional approach to Valentine’s Day this year.

For a quarter of women, Valentine’s Day will be an evening home alone, while 22 per cent would like to spend the day with friends.

And if you’re thinking about proposing on the big day – beware! 16 per cent think it’s the tackiest thing ever.

However, for all those who prefer to be alone, 24 per cent of respondents admitted to finding someone in a bar or club for Valentine’s Day, while 23 per cent have gone looking on a dating app.

And a quarter of those surveyed have even gone back to an ex to ensure they don’t spend the day alone.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Summer’s Eve®, a leader in feminine care, the survey looked into how and with whom women are planning to spend Valentine’s Day.

Results show that there are many ways to celebrate – while almost a quarter of women would prefer something unconventional, 45 per cent want a traditional date night.

Even then, women are taking an active role, 49 percent want to make their own plans this year, rather than let a partner surprise them or arrange things.

Of those spending it with a partner, 23 per cent are deciding the day’s schedule entirely and 15 per cent are planning any sexual activities for the night.

Forty-three per cent believe it’s important to have sex on Valentine’s Day and 29 per cent are planning to try something new in the bedroom.

There are limits to the romance though: 16 per cent say getting proposed to is the tackiest thing that can happen on Valentine’s Day – which raises to a quarter of older millennials.

Tips for surviving Valentine’s Day when you’re single

1. Think positive
You’re not alone. As of last year, 34.4 per cent of over 16s were single. In 2018, this figure was 16.7 million people.

2. Stop whingeing!
There’s nothing more pitiful than a person complaining about being single. If you’re so desperate, get on a dating app, join a walking club, go on a singles holiday (when we’re allowed), take up tantric yoga or salsa dancing or anything that involves getting close to another. Just don’t sit there singing ‘Nobody loves me, everybody hates me….”

3. Treat yourself!
There’s nothing to stop you from buying yourself a bottle of champers, a huge box of chocolates and a bunch of red roses. The great thing is that when you’re single you don’t have to share. Just don’t get on your phone afterwards and terrorise your exes!

4. Get out in nature!
There’s nothing better for lifting the spirits than a good, brisk walk. Get together with your bestie, stop off for a takeaway coffee and a slice of chocolate cake and laugh about all those weirdos you’ve not dated during lockdown. It works wonders!

Get a grip will ya? Pic by @alexb

6. Steer clear of loved up couples!
You know the ones, those who have perfected the art of the PDA and make cringey noises while doing it. While some of your friends may unintentionally over-share their love life with you, it can be overbearing on Valentine’s Day. Avoid them like the plague!

7. Avoid social media!

Your self-worth shouldn’t be defined by other people’s relationships or your lack of one. So if you don’t want to see all those bunches of roses and declarations of love and, God forbid, awkward marriage proposals, turn on Netflix and opt for a gritty crime thriller.

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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