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Hamish skewers diets, the food industry and fat shaming

Author Hamish Stuart is a journalist who has been on more diets than he can remember and willingly admits he is obese.

Now, with his latest book, he’s on a mission to bust the myths, reveal the reality and help all those unhappy with their weight to plan for a more positive future. 

In Gut Feeling, he lays out the facts and fairytales of weight loss to provide a devastating critique of why we have got weight loss so wrong so far, but where we can go from here to make things better.

His writing is a no holds barred statement about the vested interests of the food industry and those who think being fat is some kind of choice.

The world is getting fatter so we need a new approach

He says it’s undeniable that the world is getting fatter, so we need a new approach to global obesity. Commentators love to pin the blame on fat people’s ‘inability’ to eat less and go to the gym more, while moaning how they drain health services because of ‘selfish’ lifestyle choices.

The same old, traditional weight loss messages – the same old bad results. So why do most dieters end up putting lost weight back on (often even more) whilst the diet industry continues to grow fat on the back of repeated failure?

Anyone who is overweight can tell you obesity is not a simple phenomenon; it is a combination of factors including food variety, what’s actually in the food we eat, the impact of processed foods, movement and exercise, individual genetics and body chemistry, addiction, governmental action (and inaction), and much more. Weight loss and healthy living, therefore, needs a multi-factorial approach, too.

In this book, learn why:

Diets and exercise fail in the long term.

It’s not choice or lack of willpower that drives obesity.

Fat people are not an extra burden on health services.

The food industry is desperate to maintain the status quo.

Fat shaming is misguided and counter-productive.

A must-read for anyone who has ever tried to lose weight and failed.

Gut Feeling: Why Diets, Exercise and Shaming have Failed by Hamish Stuart. Published by Bennion Kearney. ISBN-13: 978-1911121718

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