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Modern healer Laura is tipped to be ‘next best thing’ on the wellness scene

With elfin features, fashionably-placed tattoos and an unusually calm energy for someone with four children, Laura Wilson-Brown is not your average ‘modern healer’.

Laura, from Colorado, USA, is tipped to be the next big thing on the wellness scene when it comes to navigating everything unexplainable, to staying grounded in a chaotic modern world. 

At 39-years old she has fit in more than the average person in a lifetime. As a mother, a wife to a fireman and the owner of a six-figure business – she’s no newbie to the realities of the modern struggle.

Yet she’s been honing her skills as The Modern Alchemy Expert in all things shamanic healing to astrology reading to manifesting in 5D, way before Gwyneth Paltrow got her hands on Goop! 

Inspired by her life’s mantra “We’re always led to where we’re meant to be” she’s been leading clients from all backgrounds all over the world to return to their truth for over 20 years.

She’s not only working on her first book but also seen 2020 as the year to start sharing her work with the international media. Whilst this year has been a surprise to many, it’s been an expansive and expected one for Laura. In fact, she’s living out a life beyond her wildest dreams. Of course, she saw it coming.

Laura draws on her experience as a mother, her trainings as a Shamanic Healer to being a self-confessed self-improvement junkie to guide her clients through the channelling methods she discovered as a child, grounded in being an all-round bad-ass with her Life Coaching skills and so much more. 

As a child of alcoholic parents, homeless at 18 and unable to complete her college studies due to an unexpected pregnancy – life didn’t start out with a silver spoon.

“Growing up with two alcoholic parents, who were split by the time I was two, was a unique experience,” she explains. “Both were functioning alcoholics, which is a word often used to make the situation feel better though it’s not.

“However, that meant that essentially they held down jobs, for the most part, but come a particular part of the day, it was one drink after another. I lived with my father and oddly enough, it calmed him down and made him happier for the most part. But since I was already so resentful of the aggression and violence that we all endured earlier in the day, I wasn’t available for it.

‘My Mum, however, just worked, drank and slept. Everything in her life revolved around those three things. So trying to fit into that was rather tricky’

“My Mum, however, just worked, drank and slept. Everything in her life revolved around those three things. So trying to fit into that was rather tricky. Her life was microscopic. Though my father struggled to make his business a success and was too proud to get a ‘normal job’ – he was still interested in being a parent to the best of his ability. But my mother’s life was incredibly and sadly tiny. I think it was witnessing her that impacted me the most because I knew that I would never live a life that small.”

However, it was Laura’s intuitive gifts and curiosity towards self-improvement that supported her in leaving her own abusive relationship with a one-year-old and clearing a 100k tax debt to create a successful business.

“I almost didn’t escape my early life,” says Laura. “In high school I had a child that I ended up giving up. I then went onto being homeless and then latching on to some guy who was exciting at the time. I got pregnant again with my son which led to 18 months later putting me right on the path of living just as small as my parents. However, my son’s father was quite abusive in various ways, and the more I grew into a mother, the more I grew into my strength. And even though I was still in my first year of college, I left his father and started working on myself.

“I had always been a natural intuitive but was way too scattered to make much sense of it all. It was finding a Tarot deck in my college town’s bookstore and squirreling away enough money to buy it that blew the gates wide open finally.

“Over the next nine years, I spent my time building my business, learning new healing, and reading modalities – first to heal myself and then to offer to clients. This allowed me to hone my methodology and build a life for myself that was at first a complete rejection of my past and then simply intended to be the life that I wanted for my family and me minus the resentment.”

It’s Laura’s mission in life to protect women. In fact, rewind to her earlier years when she was studying International Relations and Women’s Studies with a double minor in Psychology and Journalism at Central Michigan University. She had big ideas about becoming an Attorney. But it seemed her life had different ideas which led to more creative ways of supporting women today in her online coaching and healing practice aptly named ‘Intuitive Alchemy’.

Since then she has worked with the wives of diplomats, artists, actresses, writers, single mums, stay at home mums and corporate CEOs. When it comes to personal development, it’s a pretty universal drive. 

Laura adds: “As the holistic wellness scene grows I know the world is in dire need of my experience over the past 20 years. The world is asking for answers and I believe my work holds many.” 

Laura has been regularly featured in the likes of Bustle and and has worked with various well-known names internationally. This year she has started working on her first book which has been 20 years in the making.

So how does she balance a successful business with four children – they range in age from six to 21?

‘It’s not always easy, lemme tell you!!”, she says. “But balance is more of a dance, and I’m a hell of a dancer than a destination, and I am fortunate to have my husband working from home this year which has made it a bit easier. 

“My motto, however, is I can only do what I can do. If laundry has to pile up, if I have to pay for groceries or call in some help to get the house cleaned, I do what I can to delegate and not worry about what I can’t control. This is especially helpful now with my two youngest doing remote learning full time.

Everything I’ve done, not done, said, or not said, has led me to this moment. It’s led me to this life, and I genuinely love my life.

“I know this sounds so cliche, but I don’t believe in regrets. Everything I’ve done, not done, said, or not said, has led me to this moment. It’s led me to this life, and I genuinely love my life. I’m married to a wonderful man, building a relationship with my eldest daughter who was raised by two beautiful humans I had the great fortune of choosing, and my other children are thriving and learning their way through life. I’d be too afraid to regret something for fear that it would change where I’ve been led.

Laura has found her skills in demand during the pandemic as people look within for answers and ways to improve themselves and their lives.

“I have found that more and more people are willing to take the time and invest in their inner healing and curating the life they desire for themselves since the pandemic took hold. I have been doing much of the same work. Still, I’ve noticed the focus has shifted from relationships with others to the relationship with the self and breaking barriers to reach that next prosperity level. People are ready to live larger lives and have felt the energetic shift as we begin to realise we can do far more than we’ve been taught we’re capable of.” 

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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