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Kate’s Best Life joy is splashing some style

By Kate Harrison

Lockdown has taught me many things;

1. Teaching is not my forte 

2. I’m still rubbish at maths 

3. Team calls with three kids in the house are like an extreme sport. 

4. I miss people 

5. I had no idea what brought me joy anymore. 

Now, that last one was a turning point because it hit me like a ton of bricks during my weekly whinge and binge Zoom with my mates.

I’d actually forgotten what brought me, and only me, actual JOY. Not the joy I got from seeing my kid swim for the first time or read a book, or score a winning goal, but selfish joy… that little thing that buoyed ME up.

Somewhere in the malaise of getting married, bringing up three kids, setting up a business, building and running a house, being a good friend, caring daughter, loving wife and upstanding member of society, I had lost me. 

I used to run a fashion styling business and even had a regular slot on a local TV channel. So, I knew what I loved. It bubbled up from time to time when I bought a pair of jazzy trainers and a fellow mum complimented me on them. Or when I offered some advice to a perplexed shopper in the changing rooms. I loved making people look and feel amazing.

It made ME feel amazing and I loved doing that through clothes. They were my tools, the nuts and bolts of my craft but the outcome was the drive, the confidence and the self belief that came out of seeing people feel fabulous in an outfit – that was my buzz… it was addictive and I REMEMBERED it! 

The timing was actually perfect – as I looked down at my own egg-stained tracksuit it hit hard. I had to start with this – project ME was the first priority. 

It’s spiralled from there. I got my hair done, bought some new trackies and slapped on some warpaint, took a few pics, one a day, added the odd video and my social media audience seemed to like it… from my wardrobe to yours – style secrets for everyday women.

We’ve all lost a part of ourselves in this pandemic, a bit of sparkle. But sometimes, if we adjust the focus, there emerges a new perspective – one where we can re-write the script, reclaim ourselves and push every day to reclaim our joy.

It’s time to start showing up for my life now – there is so much we can’t control in this current climate, so I’m focusing on what I can. 

Every day presents a new opportunity, from collaborations with different brands, helping local retailers, to presenting slots and styling clients. But the question I ask myself every day…. “does it bring me joy?” If the answer is yes then I’m in… and suddenly life gets a bit more exciting.

So there we go, in a nutshell, I’m back styling and I’m happy. 

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