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Joe Wicks v Bradley Simmonds whose workout burns most calories?

Joe Wicks might have announced the return of PE classes for lockdown 3 but has found, if you really want to crunch the calories, workouts with influencer Bradley Simmonds are your best bet!

In fact, their study has ascertained which 30-minute online workout is the most effective calorie burner.

To conduct the study, 67 people were given a Fitness Tracker each and asked to complete one workout from the list per day and record the calories burnt. Once all 67 people had completed all the workouts, an average of calories burnt for each workout was taken, and the results can finally be revealed!

Bradley Simmonds’ HIIT workout burned a whopping average of 412 calories in half an hour, making it the most effective workout on the list in terms of calorie burn. This is hardly surprising given the number of burpees on the agenda! Bradley also came in second place on the list in terms of people who said they would do the workout again (68%).

Following closely behind is Body by Ciara, whose workout burnt an average of 403 calories in half an hour, with 72% of people saying they would do the workout again. Ciara also came out on top in terms of music, with an average rating of 9/10.

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks

In third place for calories burnt is Barry’s Bootcamp UK (386 calories per 30 min workout).

In last place is Pamela Reif, whose ab workout burnt a measly 97 calories. Pamela’s workout proved popular though, with 75% of people saying they would do it again (third highest percentage on the list), and an average rating of 8/10. Seems people love an ab workout – even if calories burnt are comparatively low!

National treasure Joe Wicks’s PE workout came relatively low down on the list in terms of calories burnt, torching 290 per half hour session. However, Joe came joint top in terms of enjoyment rating, an average 9/10 score!

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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