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Jacq’s Journal: I’m a screen goddess and TV installation is my new lockdown skill

I recently spotted a quote on social media which went something like: “Everyone is damaged, that’s how light gets in”. It was attributed to that great American author, Ernest Hemingway, but given I found it on Facebook it could easily be the work of Bob from Birmingham.

Whoever said it, it resonated as a positive spin on “No-one is perfect”. So I pondered my imperfections and settled on impatience, not necessarily with people, but with inanimate objects which set out to frustrate me.

This was put to the test last week when, mid Netflix binge, the TV decided enough was enough and died.

The extent of my electronic knowledge begins and ends with turning stuff on and off and if that doesn’t work well, its time for a new one.

I thought TVs would be relatively inexpensive by now, but no, they were all pretty pricey and worse still, when did TVs acquire a university degree? Did I really need a smart TV or was there such a thing as a non-smart TV?

I was also convinced I owned a 46-in screen which didn’t seem to exist anymore so maybe I needed a 50-in? As the impatience started to appear, accompanied by a rise in blood pressure and the need to swear, I gave myself a good talking to – the positive result of too much time spent alone in lockdown.

Why was I getting so stressed about a relatively simple decision? All I had to do was measure the screen and then make a choice. Thank goodness I did as I actually own a 40-in screen and a 50 would have been completely out of place.

A smart TV has built in Wi-Fi, well that sounds sensible and finally I found one with next day delivery that was £100 cheaper than anything else I had seen. I suppose the frustration arose from not being able to actually see what I was buying or discuss all things ‘smart’ with a salesperson.

Having survived the purchase, the next test was getting it from the box to a functioning TV. First up, attaching the ‘feet’. This took over half an hour and not helped by my inability to know my left from right. The old me would have given up and called in a neighbour or a random passing stranger (yes, I have resorted to this a few times), but COVID and all that, meant I had to be patient – and guess what …it worked!

Next up, attaching all the various leads. This took equally as long. First attempt failed miserably and where were the sockets? I could only find two and I had four leads to attach. Oh well, I could do without the DVD and Prime as long as I could attach SKY?

Whilst I managed to get the power on, the SKY socket refused to work. 15 minutes later, and another talking to, I finally found all the sockets ‘hidden’ under the back – who designs these things? Why hide this stuff – it’s at the back where no one sees, for goodness sake.

90 minutes after starting, I finally had a fully functioning TV and a real sense of achievement. Patience had won out and I could enjoy getting back to the binge watching rather than spend the evening fuming and waiting for lockdown to end to get a neighbour or stranger in to fix it!

Patience is indeed my new superpower.

Jacqueline Hughes-Lundy
Employing her business skills, experience and love of writing all in one place.

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