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Jacq’s Journal: Here’s a shout out to the inspirers who haven’t given up or given in

We are in the second week of January and what feels like the third year of lockdown. Christmas decorations that made the house look ‘cosy’ have given way to that bare walls feeling and even the weather is miserable. Those lovely snowy days we plastered all over social media are now mushy and icy and sodden.

Welcome to the reality check that is January. But what about January in lockdown?

Hands up those people whose morning routine has slipped from getting up at 8am to reluctantly falling out of bed at 10am to the strains of This Morning? Are we still showering every day? Or only when even our pets give us the ‘you’ve really let yourself go’ look? Are we back to binge watching Netflix – I did kick the habit for a while but The Serpent put paid to that.

What about all that DIY activity that dominated last Spring and Summer – is it now covered in a layer of dust waiting for the time someone is going to visit your house and make you spring into action? Even astrologers are saying there is no point in having detailed readings until after lockdown. The reasoning? Most of the planets’ potentials will fizzle out into nothingness, such is the compression of life choices. Sounds about right!

Did anyone actually bother to make a New Year’s resolution this year? Hello, am I talking to myself here? But of course there is always another side to the story.

So I want to give a big shout out to everyone who hasn’t given up or given in. My friend in her late 70s who has lost 18 kilos and is fitter now than she was 20 years ago; people who have grasped the opportunity to change their lives instead of just dreaming about it and friends who have lost their businesses or careers and are being creative to survive and thrive.

I am sure these inspirational people have black days too but have found the motivation to keep going and it’s these stories that give us the kick start we sometimes need to get back our own mojo.

I have a saying in my kitchen that I have pinched from somewhere and made my own: “I haven’t come this far, to come this far”, and you know it’s true. However miserable a time I may think I am having right now, it is nothing compared to other challenges I have faced. And that’s my reality check in January.

2020 didn’t turn out like many of us thought it would but somehow against that backdrop, 2021 seems to have more potential as vaccinations rise, borders open, businesses recover and we can start to have a reason to clean the house again.

Damn it, I may even shave my legs!

Jacqueline Hughes-Lundy
Jacqueline Hughes-Lundy
Employing her business skills, experience and love of writing all in one place.

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