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Jacq’s Journal: Didn’t you get the memo?

Back in early July I was surprised (and delighted) to receive the Inspiring Women Worldwide Award. The announcement came at the end of a virtual conference and with no warning. I wasn’t, shall we say, camera ready.

Fast forward to mid-October and an email arrived inviting me to a Zoom celebration of 2020 award winners on Thursday, October 22, 18.00-19.30. So after a pretty fraught day (we launched The Best Life Project the next day), I made sure this time I was camera ready.

So I got changed, styled my hair, put on make-up and opened a bottle of champagne. I plonked myself down in front of my computer, glass in hand, ready to toast my fellow award winners.

At precisely 18.00 I clicked on the link to join only to see the ‘link not working’ message. I tried again, and again, until finally at 18.10 I managed to get into the meeting.

I was about to say hello to the organiser and whoosh! I was suddenly directed to a breakout room with three other women from around the world. A little worryingly, no one had a glass in hand, and they were talking quite earnestly.

“Hello Jacqueline, welcome to the session – tell us what is your dream?” Well, I wasn’t quite expecting that as an introduction. I started with a hearty “Cheers!” because it was clear I wouldn’t be sipping anything from my glass during this session and launched into my dream.

Pic by George Pagan iii

I talked about the success of The Best Life Project launch, not having to cancel the 2021 Inspiring Women Awards and then gave a lengthy oration on how I missed my kids and couldn’t conceive of spending Christmas without them. I was very pleased with myself.

But my fascinating monologue was met with polite silence. Had I said something wrong? And then I understood why – the next award winner’s dream concentrated on global social justice. Oh no, why didn’t I think of that? World peace was bound to be next, I groaned inwardly, and I’d just gone on and on about Christmas. My champagne suddenly lost its fizz.

Let’s hope I get the memo next time.

Jacqueline Hughes-Lundy
Employing her business skills, experience and love of writing all in one place.

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