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Jacq’s Journal: Cards on the table, who sent me the anonymous one?

The first Christmas card that landed on the door mat at Chez HL was from my dog groomer, which I thought was for me, but was addressed to the dog.

I had better luck with my next card, a really funny one clearly bought with me in mind: “It’s beginning to look a lot like unmanageable debt, voluntary alcoholism and weight gain” What cheeky friend sent this, then? No idea as the card was blank. Now I know this is a tradition on Valentine’s Day, but Christmas?

I posted a picture of the card and blank interior on Facebook and the culprit duly rang me. Whilst we thought it was hilarious, she does now worry about how many other blank cards have been posted this year. She wondered if it was menopause-related? Covid-related? No Kate, it’s because you still commute to an office, run a business, work long hours and have a ‘to do’ list that causes more stress than it solves.

I am just as guilty (about the list that is). I did read a headline that said ‘to do’ lists were bad things but never found out why as I had added it to my ‘to do’ list to read later and never did. Previously, my ‘to do’ list was an over optimistic affair that had every single chore on it, with the occasional crossing out of a job done and the rest transferred to the new list. For me, I need a ‘to do’ list to stay organised, but do I really need one that is just full of mundane chores?

So, I am taking advantage of home-working and changing up the ‘to do’ list. Instead of a never-ending list of drudgery, my ‘to do’ list is now littered with more enjoyable tasks like use those face masks that you had for Christmas 2019; listen to that podcast a friend recommended; watch a guilty pleasure TV show in the afternoon; sit in the park and watch the world go by. Those other chores will still get done, your work won’t suffer and you will feel all the better for adding some pleasure to your list.

With this in mind, my Christmas ‘to do’ list as of December 7 had three items left – the ‘big food shop’ for Christmas itself (a chore), the ongoing chasing one last delivery (a chore) and cooking Christmas lunch for some charity volunteers (a pleasure).

So Kate, remember you will never achieve the nirvana of ditching the stressful ‘to do’ list or even remembering to sign your Christmas cards until you embrace a little more joy in amongst those tasks.

Jacqueline Hughes-Lundy
Employing her business skills, experience and love of writing all in one place.

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