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House guests feel unwelcome? Maybe it’s your colour scheme – says psychologist

New research reveals the colour of your hallway can have a BIG impact on the emotions of you and your guests.

After finding out what are the most common colours to paint hallways, experts at spoke exclusively to Lee Chambers MSc MBPsS, Psychologist and Wellbeing Consultant, to learn more about the colours we should and shouldn’t be painting our hallways.

The top nine hallway colours, as revealed by the public:

1. Beige (53%)

The study* reveals that most people (53%) have painted their hallways beige. But what effect does this neutral colour have on those entering the house? Lee Chambers explains:

“Beige is a popular neutral colour and has a calming ambience and an undertone of grounded warmth. While it is welcoming, it is also a little conservative, and certainly doesn’t stimulate small talk with guests. It will facilitate a comforting return after a challenging day, but it’s not going to fill you with vibrant energy as you leave on days when you are fatigued.”

2. White (38%)

The second most popular colour is classic white, with 38% of respondents saying they prefer a simple looking hallway. To that Lee Chambers said:

“White is another neutral favourite and is clean and peaceful. It provides a great base to utilise other colours, but it can be too clinical and can be overstimulating when bright, which takes away some of the welcoming feelings.”

3. Yellow (31%)

“Yellow is a warm colour and also a colour that stimulates creativity. Entering a yellow hallway is likely to make you feel happy and vibrant, and while as a colour that can fatigue your eyes quickly, a hallway is a perfect place to use it for a sunny welcome and a creative burst as you leave.”

4. Green (25%)

“Green offers a regenerative and growing environment, combining the sun of yellow with the calm of blue. It gives a feeling of serenity in a hallway, and it relaxes our minds. This is great when we have had a long day, and it creates a natural environment in what often is a small space.”

5. Blue (21%)

“Blue is the most popular of the cool colours, and various shades can have differing impacts. Lighter blues are very calming and are great for a peaceful welcome, like a reassurance that you are in a place of safety. However, it can be a little cold and may not be the most inviting for guests, especially those who are high energy in nature.”

6. Grey (19%)

“Grey is trending and can certainly bring a touch of authority to a small space like a hallway. The shade makes a difference, with darker shades making a hallway look smaller and potentially less welcoming without a splash of vivid colour.”

7. Pink (14%)

“Pink takes the vibrancy of red and tones it down to create mellow energy. A vibrant pink hallway is quite a statement and could potentially be unsettling for guests of a quiet nature.”

8. Orange (12%)

“Orange is another bold, warm colour and is certainly memorable and welcoming in equal amounts. It is quite a social colour and can undoubtedly ignite a feeling of joy and vitality.”

9. Red (7%)

“Red is a colour of romance and energy, and really draws the eyes. Want to feel energised every time you leave the house? Red will certainly stimulate you. But due to how bold a colour it is, it can be overstimulating for certain people and can almost feel like a warning sign.”

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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