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Hollywood film producer and writer Tab Murphy: My life in 10 answers

Tab Murphy is an American screenwriter, film producer, director and television writer. With screenplays, Gorillas In The Mist (for which he was nominated for an Academy Award in 1989), Tarzan, Batman, The Hunchback of Notre Damme and Atlantis: The lost Empire, among many other film greats, he has brought joy and wonder to audiences around the world.

1. What has been your Best Life Project to date?

My six kids!

2. The unknown … what challenges did you have to overcome in 2020?

Getting enough work done! I have too much fun on the Atlantis The Lost Empire posting page!

Tab and Queen Jess

3. In hindsight….. would you do anything differently in 2020?

No, I think Jess, my other half, and I hit the road at the right time and we did all the right things and we have had so much fun! I got to check loads off my bucket list as well as have a great travelling companion.

4. Next steps for 2021?

I have been so wrapped up with signing posters and being on the Atlantis pages that 2021 will be about finding a balance when I get back to work and going back to creating.

5. What lifestyle changes has your 2020 and quarantine made you consider?

Less lifestyle changes for me than for Jess. She began working remotely and it means we get to spend so much more time together and are able to travel, take road trips, etc.

6. Was there an unexpected event or person who has helped you and, if so, how did they do it?

David Kirkpatrick, the ex-president of Disney and Paramount, reached out to me with the idea of bringing professional writers together to help build a school of learning that is now on its way to being free to anyone who wants to attend the Story Summit! I am proud to say I am on the Faculty and we will be running more Story Summits around the country along with an online school. (David also gave me my first writing job!)

7. My Inspiration ….who or what inspires you?

Movies have always inspired me along with life (no matter where I am or what I am doing) and finally the people around me such as my six kids, my partner Jess and my parents.

8. How do you relax or do you struggle to relax?

I think the question is ‘How do you work, Tab?’! I spend a lot of time relaxing! I love fishing and sports (Go Seahawks!) I also love spending time with the Queen (Jess).

9. Guilty secret pleasure?

I have a lot of guilt free pleasures but not sure about guilty secret pleasures! But I do love shellfish, razor clams and king crab legs!

10. Words of wisdom

When I read other peoples’ words of wisdom I think ‘Damn! I’m not very wise!’ My philosophy is simple:

I try to meet every new day with fresh eyes.

It means you notice details and become aware of things others walk right past. I try to be in the moment and pay attention. Resetting and seeing the world as brand new each day is the key to a youthful spirit, in my opinion.

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