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Health, wealth, love? If you want it, just ask, says the Angel Mystic

Amanda Tooke has a guardian angel called Geoff. He’s got long, dark hair, is pretty good looking and is constantly by her side keeping her safe. He was, literally, a Godsend when she was going through a messy divorce.

“I’d like a guardian angel like that,” said I to the Angel Mystic. And the best-selling author simply said, “call out to the Universe!”

So, after our interview I was looking for some music to play and found a Sade CD, that I didn’t realise we had. My late husband adored Sade, so I put it on.

With glass of wine in my hand, I called out, “Universe, where is my guardian angel?” Just at that exact moment Sade started singing about guardian angels. I kid you not. I almost choked on my wine.

So I recounted this tale to my friend Carol who said, “I’m going to do it”. She called out to the Universe, but nothing happened. So she went upstairs to bed and found a HUGE white feather on her carpet that hadn’t been there before when she’d vacuumed. It was so big – the length of her thigh – that she couldn’t have missed it first time around and it was certainly too big to come out of a duvet or pillow.

So, with that in mind, it’s probably worth buying a copy of Amanda Tooke’s Amazon best-seller, The Angel Mystic’s Manifesting Manual – an easy guide to manifesting. It’s an enjoyable read and highly entertaining. Just the thing to get you out of pandemic doldrums.

Amanda teaches, through this little book, how to manifest all of your heart’s desires. Most people want a combination of love, health and wealth and she puts forward a pretty convincing argument based on her own and others’ experiences of manifesting. She says that with a few simple exercises the Law of Attraction can work for anyone, we just have to be in the right frame of mind.

She says there are three simple steps:

Decide what we want

Trust and believe it is coming

Follow your inspired action to make it happen.

The rest is down to the Universe to sort out, but it will only deliver what we truly believe we feel we deserve and our minds have to be in receiving mode. No negativity or restrictive thoughts.

Amanda secured her own dream home in this way. Her daughter became pregnant despite a medical condition and is expecting her second child, and her son has set up a successful agricultural business despite leaving school with no qualifications.

Says Amanda: “I have manifested many houses, but my favourite is the one in which I won ITV’s May The Best House Win. We were living in a rented cottage and the lease was due to expire. We had three weeks left. I had thought I had found my perfect home and it all fell through. I was so disappointed. It would have been easy to think manifesting doesn’t work. Instead I chose to believe something better would come along.”

Within 24 hours, three people had asked if she had seen a local house near the golf course. She had seen it, it was amazing, but double the price of what she could afford.

“I couldn’t ignore the sign of three people mentioning it in one day. I went to view and it was more stunning in real life. There were so many little white feathers I was sure I would find a dead bird, but I didn’t. I walked through the door and it felt like I had come home.

“The house was massive and had an annexe which I was allowed to rent out. That made it affordable. Less than two weeks later we moved in to a dream home that was double what I could afford.”

In the book, Amanda talks about how she’s manifested lots of things from free cruises, two Range Rovers and even a hot tub!

Pic by @_javardh_001 at Unsplash

“I’m working very hard at the moment and my work is so popular because a lot of people are struggling with negativity during the pandemic.

“But when you can’t go out you can go within. This is a period of spiritual self-development for many. It’s really important to be connected and tuned in to your spirit guide. We can manifest all the material things that we want, which is great, but the ultimate manifestation is inner peace.

“A lot of people feel that life is out of their control at the moment but the one thing you can control is how you feel about it. My advice is to look at how people are spending their time, move away from negativity, the news, TV, do things to grow yourselves in a more positive way.”

Amanda knew from a young child that she had a gift.

“I’d always experienced things some a little bit scary. I used to see spirits very clearly and I could never understand why others couldn’t. I closed down for a lot of years at junior school because there was no-one telling me that it was OK. I hid in my spiritual closet.

“People close to me knew. My nana was a great influence and still is in spirit form. When I got older I used to fund nights out with palm reading.”

But after divorce and being hit by severe asthma and with two children to bring up, Amanda finally had to make her spiritual work pay to keep a roof over their heads.

“That was 11 years ago. I’ve brought up two children on that. It’s not been an easy journey and I had to believe that it would eventually come good. It has now, but it’s been a long time coming which is why I wrote the book because it gives people the short cuts to manifest what it is that they want when I took the long and hard road.”

The Angel Mystic’s Manifesting Manual by Amanda Tooke, £17.99.

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Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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