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Happiness coach Becky Morrison: My Best Life in 10 answers

When you think of a Happiness Coach you may not envision someone who has had a high-flying career as a lawyer in corporate America. Meet Becky Morrison who’s proven that you can be a successful woman whilst meeting your happiest self.

Becky is on a mission to help other unhappy high achievers untangle their lives and discover what ingredients make a recipe for their happiness! 

With her first book The Happiness Recipe under her belt, she is expected to change the status quo when it comes to what we think we ‘should’ be and do, to be happy in today’s modern world

  1. What has been your Best Life Project to date?

Sarting my coaching business – Untangle Happiness – almost three years ago. There is a long list of reasons why this takes the cake but here are just a few:Working with people to guide them in finding their Happiness Recipe is the culmination of a life-long desire to help other people.

After spending most of my career in larger organizations, I have truly enjoyed the way that being an entrepreneur allows me to have a direct impact on results, success and my clients every single day.

It has been an unexpected side benefit to hear from my kids – currently 13 and 17 – what they are learning by watching me build a business. For example, they’ve seen that it’s ok to do the thing you want to instead of the thing you should; that you can lean into (not chase) your joy; and, that while plans are nice, you can also take things one step at a time and allow the path to unfold.

2. The unknown … what challenges did you have to overcome?

I jumped into entrepreneurship without really knowing a thing. As a lawyer, I had the benefit of not being intimidated by contracts, legal structures and even tax accounting – but I really didn’t know what I was doing. What I did have was confidence that I could figure it out – and that’s all you really need.

The other big challenge I faced is a lesson that I’ve spent a lifetime learning. But as is often the case, a new season means you have to learn the same lesson in a new way. As a new coach it was easy to begin to believe the chatter that you had to do things a certain way in order to be “successful.” As my business grew, I found myself trying to do things I thought I “should do.”  Ultimately, I remembered I knew better – and that I was trying to build a business that worked for me, and that was all that mattered. That meant I could listen to the advice, use what aligned with me, and disregard the rest.

3. In hindsight…..what would you do differently?

Becky Morrison

Hindsight is a funny thing – sometimes I wish I had started this chapter of my life sooner, sometimes I wish I had figured out exactly the kind of coach I wanted to be more quickly, and sometimes I wish I’d started my business before I left my full-time job. But the reality is my path is perfect just the way it is. Changing anything would mean I wouldn’t be exactly where I am today, and I’m pretty happy with that.

4. Next steps?

As my 1:1 coaching roster continues to be pretty full, the next step for me is figuring out how to expand my impact – but in a way that feels aligned with what matters to me, what I enjoy and what my family needs.

5. From lockdown ……what lifestyle changes has lockdown made you consider?

Lockdown brought two unexpected gifts. First, it brought connection with my immediate family – husband, daughter and son – that we didn’t even know we were missing. I am cognizant as things open back up that I want to try to maintain that connection even as our lives get busier again. Second, because so much moved remote over the course of lockdown, I’ve made connections and friends all over the country – and in some cases the world – that I would never have had the opportunity to connect with. I don’t want to lose the expansiveness in my network. It’s been fun and I’ll be looking for opportunities to continue those relationships and build new ones.

6. Kissing frogs …. is there an unexpected person who has helped you and, if so, how did they do it?

I wrote a book in 2020. That was a completely unexpected accomplishment. I signed up for a writer’s retreat in May of 2020 and in our first meeting I told the group I was NOT going to be writing or publishing a book. I had planned to write, but had no plans of that writing ever being published in book form. The fact that I did end up writing and publishing a book is in large part a result of the safety created by that astounding group of people – Alice, Anne, Becca, Katy, Reija and Ernesto. They provided a place for me to express myself and they continue to encourage me in all that I do. That’s been the most unexpected gift.

7. My Inspiration ….who or what inspires you?

No question, it’s my kids. I’ve learned the most beautiful lessons from being their parent and I’m committed to being the foundation from which they can do beautiful things in the world. Watching them grow into young adults gives me so much faith and hope for the future – they surprise me daily in the best ways.

8. How do you relax or do you struggle to relax?

This is a timely question because I’ve recently been thinking a lot about what really constitutes rest. I’ve learned that what I need varies – but that it is really important to take what I will call “true rest” – unplugged, unencumbered, just me, myself and I. I don’t need long stretches, but I do need this sort of break more regularly than I had been allowing myself to take.

9. Guilty secret pleasure?

Reality TV. No really. It’s always been of interest – but now as a coach, I find it interesting to watch the ways that people interact, and the ways that editing can feed into the stories we tell ourselves about other people’s behaviour. When you watch a reality show you know that there’s production influence, editing and that you’re never getting the full story. So it’s interesting to think about what questions you might ask to figure out what’s really going on.

10. Words of wisdom

You don’t always need a long-term plan. Often it is just enough to know what the next aligned step is – what you will be doing today to move in the direction you want to go. That is enough.

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