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Grief of losing murdered friend inspires Elisabeth to relieve the pain of top sports personalities

Elisabeth Clare hadn’t spoken to her ex-boyfriend for some time. Even though they’d split up, they remained great friends and she regularly chatted to Jam – short for James. So she reached out to him on Facebook for a catch-up.

Ten years later, she’s still relieved that something compelled her to contact him that evening because the following week he was murdered in Miami, along with another of her friends, in a random shooting.

The murdered men James Kouzaris, left, and James Cooper

The murderer – 17-year-old Shawn Tyson – was given a double life sentence for gunning down the two British men who were travelling.

“James and I had travelled to many fantastic places together. He loved to travel. In fact, he’d gone to Florida to make up his mind about where he wanted to go next. He was a lovely warm person and he was and still is very sorely missed.”

Elisabeth worked in the media and was astounded that some newspapers had said the two men were looking for drugs which, she says, wasn’t the case, they weren’t the type. The loss, coupled with the media circus that ensued all contributed to a lightbulb moment for Elisabeth. She just wasn’t happy in her job and wanted to change her life for the better. In essence, to do something more meaningful and worthwhile.

She co-founded a charity in the names of the two men, James Kouzaris, her ex, and James Cooper which raised more than £250,000 in the first year.

James and Elisabeth

She’d done something to ease the pain of James’ death, but she also needed to do something for herself. That was to get out of media and set up on her own.

The inspiration was her hard-working mum Ann, a physiotherapist, who was working with MBST magnetic resonance therapy devices and achieving life-changing results for patients.

MBST regenerates damaged cells by helping to promote the production of healthy tissue. It is used to treat musculoskeletal conditions as well as sports injuries and has helped people to walk again, come off years of medication and play sport professionally.

Elisabeth is now MD of Cell Regeneration, and works alongside her brother Charles and mum Ann, servicing physiotherapy clinics around the UK. It is the sole, dedicated UK importer of MBST machines. Last year they had four clinics, this year they will have 12.

James and Elisabeth on their travels

In James’ memory, the business also makes substantial donations to help young people facing difficult upbringings or circumstances to forge a better path for themselves, primarily through sport.

“My mum has been the inspiration. I used to read reviews from her patients describing her as an angel. James’ death was the kick up the backside I needed and my future path was right in front of my eyes. There was no UK distributor of the amazing technology mum was using, so it was a golden opportunity. Now we have clinics all over the UK.”

MBST treatment

MBST has helped grandparents to play with their grandchildren and elite athletes to play sport again.

Elisabeth, 35, and her team work with many famous sportspeople, former boxer Johnny Nelson and rugby player David Flatman. Premiership football teams, rugby professionals, Olympic athletes and golfers are all benefiting from the technology.

She came to the aid of showjumper Chloe Burrell, who had lower back problems, AND her horse that had a ligament injury. Yes, there are even MBST devices for horses too, and it worked a treat, in fact, animals react even better to the treatment than humans.

Cell Regeneration distributes the machines throughout the UK via health professionals and professional sports clubs.

Based in Tinwell, Rutland, 2021marks a decade since James’ death and the launch of Cell Regeneration. In that time the company has created a flagship physiotherapy clinic in Rutland and expanded their community of MBST health professionals to include nine additional facilities across England, including two brand new clinics for 2021 – Cheltenham and prestigious Harley Street, with more in the pipeline.

“It’s wonderful to think that something positive has come out of the pain of losing someone dear. It’s not something you ever get over, but this business is testament to the power for making positive change,” says Elisabeth.

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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