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Go for the soft option this Dry January and prepare to be astounded

So we survived Christmas and New Year with fuzzy heads and maybe some regrettable New Year’s resolutions, but there are plenty of interesting soft drinks on the market if you want to stick with the Dry January theme.

London Essence came to life when old recipes were found and reworked and reinvented by Britvic. These fantastic sodas are low calorie and full on flavour. My favourite is Jasmine and White Peach. There’s also Rhubarb and Cardamom as well as a whole array of tonics and a fantastic ginger beer. So grab a glass, add some ice, put your feet up and try one of these elegant sodas.

London Essence soft drinks

For the health conscious who have been tracking the rise of CBD-infused drinks, Calm Drinks has cornered the market. There’s a sparkling water fortified with CBD multi vitamins and minerals. I tried three flavours and none of them disappointed. I loved the Orange Press, Mixed Berry and Lemon and Lime flavours and with only 10 calories per can these are definitely a Dry January treat.

CBD-infused drinks by Calm Drinks

Belvoir Fruit Farms also has a delicious range of sparkling presses. My favourite is Elderflower Presse, but there’s also a sparkling Apple, which is light and crisp and a Raspberry Lemonade, which although a little tart, went down very easily. The range also includes a fantastic ginger beer.

So why not turn Dry January into Super January, hang up those party heels because no-one’s going anywhere, put on some fluffy socks, grab a good book and treat yourself to something soft.

Main pic: @ralphkayden

Hank Hughes-Lundy
Hank has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Hospitality, specialising in the drinks sector. He runs a consultancy business, Big H Hospitality and is a hospitality tutor for Barfection, enthusing our next generation. You will always find him in the kitchen at parties mixing a mean cocktail.

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