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Forget lip fillers! Dr Emma says post-lockdown is all about the teeth

Teeth are topping the must-try tweakment list now lip fillers have fallen out of favour with celebs and influencers like Molly-Mae Hague.

And it makes sense, after all what’s the main thing you look for in a person? A great personality? Kkind eyes? or, how about a good-looking mouth?

“When considering the ‘gaze analysis’, the smile is the second thing that is considered when you look at a person (first the eyes, then the mouth),” says Dentist and Aesthetic specialist Dr Emma Cunningham.

Maybe that’s why Brits have spent so much time and money emphasising their pouts lately. From fillers to thread-lifts for a wider smile, and more recently lip flips, lip enhancements have quickly climbed to top of the must-try tweakment list.

What’s the aim? To turn up the volume. “The trend of ‘bigger is better lips’ is popular with millennials, while the older generation are using lip fillers to restore the volume and hydration they lose with age,” Dr Cunningham says.

Molly Mae Hague before and after

And it’s not surprising considering, the mouth is the second thing we notice in a person after all. Hang on… the mouth? That means more than just lips. So, what else should we be considering? According to Dr Cunningham, it’s all about the teeth.

And a stream of influencers and celebrities who were previously fond of a lip boost are turning their attention to teeth. In a recent Instagram story, Molly-Mae Hague spoke about “reversing all the mistakes I made with the fillers” and enhancing her teeth instead.

“I had my composite bonds removed recently after two years of having my natural teeth covered,” said Hague. She then spoke about choosing Invisalign to polish the appearance of her new-found smile. “I’m so glad I did it,” she said.

Dr Cunningham couldn’t be happier about the shift in focus to dental work. “Teeth, in my opinion, should be done first,” she emphasises. “There needs to be more respect for the autonomy of the face as a whole,” she adds.

And it seems we agree. A sudden increase in demand for tooth-perfecting treatments in her practice, Dr Emma Clinics, confirms that cosmetic dentistry is truly on trend.

“Align and bleaching are the most popular,” says Dr Cunningham. Like Molly-Mae, it seems like a straighter, whiter and brighter, but more natural smile is what we’re after, too.

Of course, we need to mention masks. Face coverings have become such an integral part of our daily appearance, and when the mouth is hidden from view most of the time, why bother perfecting what’s underneath?

Actually, it’s the perfect opportunity, says Dr Cunningham. “People are more willing to wear braces now, as a lot of the time they are wearing masks,” she explains “mask wearing has definitely increased our uptake in ortho treatment enquiries.

“Mock-ups and the injection mould technique show patients the end result prior to treatment,” she says. Like a virtual try-on of your new smile. And with the well-known connection between teeth improvements and boosted confidence, she’s convinced, you’ll like what you see.

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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