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Fashion Agony Aunt: I’m sick of buying loungewear, but what’s the alternative?

Help! It’s been a year now since I bought anything to wear but as I work from home, I’m loathe to spend any money on clothing I don’t really need. Having said that, I really want something new, because frankly I’m bored with wearing the same stuff. What should I buy?

Fashion Agony Aunt, Janet Reeder replies: I believe that part of the pleasure of new clothes is imagining the various scenarios in which you’ll wear them. So for example, buying a new dress you might fantasise about wearing it at lunch with girlfriends, or floating about in it while you’re on a weekend mini break with your other half, so boo hoo, that’s not happening. That’s not to say it never will, but buying for an unspecified event in the future just isn’t as much fun as having a party, or a crucial meeting to go to right now.

So what should you buy to brighten up your days? Loungewear? Activewear? Personally, the thought of wearing trousers with an elasticated waist ad infinitum is not only making me feel depressed, it’s also an invitation to pile on the pounds. I’m old enough to remember the leggings explosion of the 1990s when we all wore them quite happily, munching through packets of biscuits and pizzas, until we realised we couldn’t actually fit into any of our other trousers.

No, what we need to buy now are clothes that don’t look too ‘out there’ to be worn at home, but that also make us feel rather gorgeous.

Print longline coat, £85,

As we are heading into spring a long coat or cardigan is a great investment buy, but for sheer luxury, we’re looking at La Katz’s luxurious silk range that includes a gorgeous floaty coat that would look as fabulous indoors as out. Wear it over a slip dress with several strands of boho necklaces when you’re eventually soaking up the sun on an exotic shore and at home when you’re having a date night.

Silk coat, £900,

A dress is also a must-have. Look no further than Zara for some easy-to-wear styles that won’t cost a fortune but will make you feel that you’ve made an effort. For one-stop easy dressing they’re a no-brainer.

Floral dresses, £49.99,

I also love this denim dress from Monsoon, which is smart but because it’s denim doesn’t appear too formal.

Dolly denim dress, £65,

And if you’re looking for a loungewear combo that also looks chic look no further than the wrap style top and matching trousers from Next (main pic).

Janet Reeder
Janet Reeder has a 30-year career in journalism. She is a fashion expert who has interviewed top designers Calvin Klein, Vivienne Westwood and many others. She also loves to travel and write about her experiences.

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