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DIY fanatics can now binge-watch hilarious videos Dirty Decking and The Groutfather

Wood you believe it! DIY fanatics can now log onto this hilarious entertainment site to watch how-to videos like Dirty Decking, The Groutfather and There’s Something about Masonry.

Ronseal launched ‘Knotflicks’ after conducting research which found 43 per cent of Brits admitted to making a drama out of DIY tasks – with painting skirting boards, filling holes and painting fences likely to cause the biggest scenes.

Now home improvers can take a break and enjoy drama-free tutorials such as The Staining, Goodfillers and Avengers: Endgrain at

How to refurb your decking

Other reimagined titles include, It’s a Wonderful Fence Life and Back to The Furniture.

It comes as research of 2,000 adults found that of those who make a drama out of DIY, 21 per cent do it to get others to notice the work that has been done, while 19 per cent are looking for praise.

It also emerged people typically feel daunted (28 per cent) and stressed (18 per cent) before even starting a job.

And if things don’t go to plan 44 per cent get annoyed and a further 27 per cent discouraged.

As a result, more than two thirds turn to ‘how-to’ videos before contemplating a task to try and ensure they know what they are doing.

But of those who wouldn’t watch them, 23 per cent said they are boring and 19 per cent find the content too long, according to the OnePoll figures.

Jonathan Greeno, from Ronseal, said: “Knotflicks combines our two lockdown loves: DIY & films.

“The research shows getting started on your DIY jobs can be a bit daunting, so Ronseal is literally taking the drama out of the job and putting it into our ‘how-tos’.

“I promise you there has never been a more entertaining way to find out how to paint your fence.”

The study also found almost half of adults admitted they take a long time to do seemingly simple DIY tasks – with changing a lightbulb typically taking 33 minutes and the job of putting up shelves lasting 82 minutes.

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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