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Cosmic songbird Natalie Farrell: My Best Life in 10 answers

Natalie is a cosmic songbird who translates the light she sees in the world into something tangible to amplify the human experience. Through her work as a writer, author, radio presenter, yoga teacher and founder of Cosmic Soul School, Natalie empowers women to push to their edges: to embrace their wild, honour their inner goddess and to begin truly dancing with life.

1.      What has been your Best Life Project to date?

Renovating my home in Andalucia, Spain. I moved here in 2018 and initially loved the home we chose, yet it was quite dark and restrictive of energy and personality. As I began to put my personality into the house I began to realise that this was an expression of all of me, both personally and professionally. Everyone says how warm it feels and how much light there is and they leave feeling happy and joyful. Creating a space like this for me has been my best life project so far as it has allowed me to fully express myself in all areas of my life. The most fun part recently has been creating a writing sanctuary for my new found path as an author.

2.      The unknown … what challenges did you have to overcome?

Piecing the puzzle together. Like all projects it can seem very daunting at first. Where to start? What is the overall vision? What materials to choose? Which constructors to use?  Budget? For me the biggest unknown was the integration of all the design elements and how it would look in the end. I just love how this correlates to building your own business too.  From building a business to building a new home – we come across the same layers of project management questions! And as a Soulpreneur I feel that the process of the unknown is always present as an ultimate guide to evolve the project in a way that satisfies our needs and changing desires.

3.      In hindsight…..what would you do differently?

I wouldn’t do anything differently but the biggest lesson I have learnt is that it takes time to unfold. And a project such as your business or home is subject to updates and an ongoing audit! Micro management is key for a smooth running so I feel next time (I am going to create my own wellbeing retreat one day soon) spreadsheets and even more lists would be great. And with the menial yet essentials; to diarise reminders and make notes so that the following years of upkeep become easier and efficient. Sounds boring, right? Nothing like my home which is full of colour and exotic paintings from my adventures across the globe. But this is a perfect example of yin and yang required to build the foundations required to be in place for the project to birth and flourish and eventually almost run itself leaving more time for play!

My soulmate, Freedy

4.      Next steps?

Ahh well this is the fun part. I am using the home now for my work. As an influencer I have the beautiful rooftop yoga studio to record my lessons for My LYS Life, a platform I teach on. I use my writing den to create and host client calls. We entertain weekly in our gorgeous kitchen. I also sing in a band so each week our lounge turns into a music studio. It is a space which gets enjoyed and provides much comfort for those who come and rest for a while. I am in the midst of writing my first transformation programme called Elevate and twice a year I will be opening the space for exclusive retreats. So this space is most certainly beginning to aspire to the dreams I had for it back in 2018!

5.      What lifestyle changes has lockdown made you consider?

Keep it simple. Life. Decisions. Food. Exercise. Do what makes you happy. Spend time with the people who lift you up and love you deeply. Evolve into your own eco system.

6.      Kissing frogs …. is there an unexpected person who has helped you and, if so, how did they do it?

In this project this has to be my soul mate Freedy. It’s been so lush making decisions together and then offering our own unique splash of creative flair to the mix. You can feel us both in the space. We have created our own sanctuary – so we can rest, play and luxuriate in our own style.

Yoga on my rooftop

7.      My Inspiration ….who or what inspires you?

People who take an idea from nothing and build it into a living creation. Manifesting their dreams into reality. This is what inspires me. I open my time up weekly to have conversations with other change makers and leaders interviewing them to share and inspire others to become creative leaders of their life as the host of Legacy and Cosmic Soul Sessions for Wellbeing Radio.

8.      How do you relax or do you struggle to relax?

I love to relax. I have a busy mind as a leader and teacher. My brain is always open to creating and problem solving. To relax I sit on my rooftop and look at the sea, make a cuppa tea, practise yin yoga, take time to breathe, read, sleep, and also I find taking a road trip relaxing. Driving to a new destination gives me time and space to really feel alive and appreciate the beauty around me.

9.      Guilty secret pleasure?

A glass of champagne, a sun lounger, a good book, a foot rub and then we’ll see where the night leads…

10. Words of wisdom.

“Remember it’s more than a dream. It is a devotion to staying true to who you are, remaining present and aware that you can achieve more than you can dream.”

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