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The 90s called and they want skinny eyebrows back – but we all know Dietrich started the trend

Thick, fluffy brows may have been THE look of the noughties, but thin brows are pushing them aside, and it's all down to supermodel and all-round girl crush Bella Hadid, who sported...

Dentist welcomes ban on dermal fillers and Botox for under-18s

Dermal fillers and Botox are banned for under-18s from October 1. Following Royal Assent of a new piece of legislation, clinicians and dental professionals who treat youngsters face prosecution. Botulinum toxin is a...

‘Cellulite’ is Googled 92 times per hour. How YOU can feel more confident this summer

With summer in full swing and holidays abroad finally back on the cards, women across the nation will, naturally, be feeling the pressure to look good. Social media is soon to be abuzz...

Psst! Want to know the secret to Jennifer Aniston’s glowing skin?…and it’s only £7.99

If Jennifer Aniston plugs a beauty product, most women can't wait to get hold of it. At 52, Jen looks ever-youthful and every woman of a certain age would love to get...

Vegan fashion activist, Lorri Delahunty: My life in 10 answers

Lorri Delahunty got fit at 50, lost nearly five stones, quit drinking, became vegan, reinvented herself and feels better than she did at 30. Lorri was also one of 12 finalists in PETA’s UK and...

Fashion Agony: I’m beachy keen to get into holiday mode with a dress, but I’ve got nowhere to go!

Our Fashion Agony Aunt Janet Reeder writes: OK, so the nearest we might get to sun-soaked shores this year is watching A Place in the Sun but I can recommend splurging on...

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