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Can a collagen supplement really reduce wrinkles in two weeks? We put it to the test

Peter Andre, journalist Carole Malone and actress Amy Childs all swear by it. And if there’s one product that’s stood out from the crowd for celebrity endorsement alone, it’s Reverse Life. For those...

Rock ‘n’ rolling her way to Mr Right

Love Songs for Sceptics by Christina Pishiris If music, romance and wry comedy lift your spirits, then tune in to Christina Pishiris’ sparkling debut novel and you might just find yourself singing (and...

Gripped by a tale of love and war

The Singapore Grip by J.G. Farrell  If you’ve been gripped by the major ITV dramatisation of J.G. Farrell’s tragi-comic tale charting the invasion of Singapore during the Second World War, why not read...

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