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After all the lockdown travel angst is now the time to book a holiday?

Ahh, remember those days before jetting off on holiday abroad? How we moaned about having to take off our shoes while crossing airside and having our 100ml bottles of shampoo confiscated from...

Review: How an innocent remark from a child caused me to diet and seek lymphatic massage

We all have those moments that pull us up short. For me it was an innocent remark from a six-year-old. Walking down my road, I paused to watch a little girl blowing...

Product test: OCLEAN XPro Elite toothbrush targets gum disease like no other

I thought it was just me, but apparently not. According to NHS UK, most adults in the UK have gum disease to some degree, and most people experience it at least once....

Taste test: Grandma Crunch, low-carb, low sugar cereal that tricks the tastebuds

It seems the trend for low-carb or ketogenic diets continues. A quick scan of Instagram demonstrates why with thousands of people attributing life-changing weightloss transformations to carb cutting. The only problem with carbohydrate...

Review: Cheshire’s Spa at Carden brought lockdown low to a joyful end

Way back when, I was gifted a voucher for a one-day visit with treatments to the Spa at Carden, in the grounds of the Carden Park Hotel, Cheshire. At the time, the...

Can a collagen supplement really reduce wrinkles in two weeks? We put it to the test

Peter Andre, journalist Carole Malone and actress Amy Childs all swear by it. And if there’s one product that’s stood out from the crowd for celebrity endorsement alone, it’s Reverse Life. For those...

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