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Relationship expert Michele asks: Are you pushing love away?

What if your romantic life could become a journey that is forever unfolding in all the best intimate, fun and emotionally connected ways? I ask you this because society does not set us...

Relationship expert Michele Wilmott says, ‘if you want true love, follow your intuition’

In last month’s article I touched on how following your intuition can create huge transformation in your love life. In fact, not only can it create big change it can do so very...

Give your relationship a post-pandemic love MOT, says psychotherapist

Relationships have been under the spotlight since the pandemic began, many have blossomed under lockdown, but many have broken down. Some couples may have felt they had little choice but to tough...

Our relationship expert asks, ‘Is overthinking ruining your relationship?’

Do you tend to get stuck in your head over analysing your partner’s behaviour? Thinking to yourself things like: ‘Why is it always me who has to be the one to initiate...

Couples conflict: Why arguments in relationships are not always a bad thing

Many clients tell me that they have one topic that they just don't seem to be able to discuss with their partner. It’s often money, intimacy, careers or children and whenever the...

Are you trying to hide in your relationship to keep safe? Ask Michele, our relationship counsellor

Hi, I am Michele Willmott and I'm excited to be invited on board as host and writer of a monthly Relationship Column here on The Best Life Project. I will be sharing with...

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