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Corrie star Cherylee adds dog training to her long list of talents

Coronation Street actor Cherylee Houston has many strings to her bow. She was the first wheelchair-using cast member to regularly appear in a soap. She’s a tireless campaigner for the rights of...

She can swim the channel and become a Champ F1 driver, but Nerys can’t enjoy a coffee in her local Costa

Nerys Pearce was left paralysed from the chest down after a motorbike accident at the age of 27. This summer she is swimming the channel, for the second time. She has racked...

My life married to a serial bigamist, convicted paedophile and psychopath

Mary Turner-Thomson has a tattoo of a quill on her right arm that represents the things that she is proud of in her life - her prolific writing career, her black belt...

Spiritual healer uses gifts to do business in an alternative way

With supermodel looks, a quietly confident yet grounded energy and an eight-figure business behind her, Jennifer Longmore is not your average spiritual healer.  Tipped to be a leading voice on the ‘great awakening’...

How the KGB and fear of blindness shaped artist Kuzma’s world vision

International artist, filmmaker and writer Kuzma Vostrikov has a genetic eye disease which could render him blind, but living with the fear has been the greatest influence on his work. Born in New York, but...

Angela Gallop: UK’s most sought-after forensic scientist and real ‘star’ of the Pembrokeshire Murders

It's International Women's Day so The Best Life Project wanted to celebrate an inspirational woman of great achievement and passion. Angela Gallop readily admits she’s never been very good at small talk. She’s...

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