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Jacq’s Journal: Kindly mechanics and model neighbours have made my week

There have been a couple of incidents recently that have left me feeling overwhelmed in the best possible way. The first came from my local garage which I have used for the last...

Jacq’s Journal: Whoever thought that Zoom could be positively inspiring?

When my nephew lived in New York for a few years, we would all cram around the laptop on Christmas Day for a Skype call. It was uncomfortable (too many people with...

Jacq’s Journal: Lunch in the city reminds us that life is back and better than ever

Those freedoms we took for granted pre-pandemic are slowly being restored and for many of us it's not a day too soon. Just having the shops, bars and restaurants open again has...

Jacq’s Journal: When brunch with a friend makes everything OK

Anyone else been asked 'How are you?' and replied 'I’m OK' when really you're anything but? People who know me well, always think I’m the extrovert in the group, upbeat and energetic,...

Di’s Diary: The bottom line on TikTok leggings

Does anyone remember that iconic advert from the seventies that went: “Lipsmacking, thirst quenching, ace tasting, motivating, good buzzing, cool talking, high walking, fast living, ever giving, cool fizzing...Pepsi!" Well, I think of...

Jacq’s Journal: Waxing lyrical over Nan’s dinner and Gwynnie’s vajayjay

This recently dropped into my inbox: “New candle smells EXACTLY like your nan’s roast dinner” and I thought, 'Great – another trigger to eat more, like I need that!' Why on earth...

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