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Our relationship expert asks, ‘Is overthinking ruining your relationship?’

Do you tend to get stuck in your head over analysing your partner’s behaviour? Thinking to yourself things like: ‘Why is it always me who has to be the one to initiate...

International Dog Day: 10 reasons to buy a rescue dog

Lockdown saw a huge increase in dog and puppy buying to help us through those lonely moments. And it's little wonder, since Man's Best Friend provides a reason to get out in...

Couples conflict: Why arguments in relationships are not always a bad thing

Many clients tell me that they have one topic that they just don't seem to be able to discuss with their partner. It’s often money, intimacy, careers or children and whenever the...

Tokyo 2020: From periods to gender-specific food – how female athletes achieve excellence

By Dr Rami Hashish The 2021 Tokyo Olympics will go down in history. And it may not be for the reason that you’re thinking…  For the first time EVER, there will be more women...

‘Cellulite’ is Googled 92 times per hour. How YOU can feel more confident this summer

With summer in full swing and holidays abroad finally back on the cards, women across the nation will, naturally, be feeling the pressure to look good. Social media is soon to be abuzz...

Relationship breakdown: What to do when your marriage is over

By Hannah Gumbrill-Ward, Solicitor 1. Talk things through Talking things through with a relationship counsellor may help couples decide if they can work through the issues they are experiencing or if their marriage has...

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