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After all the lockdown travel angst is now the time to book a holiday?

Ahh, remember those days before jetting off on holiday abroad? How we moaned about having to take off our shoes while crossing airside and having our 100ml bottles of shampoo confiscated from...

How I ate my way around London and came back pounds heavier, but surprisingly few £s lighter

Back in the day – the 80s to be exact – I worked on Woman’s Own magazine in London. It was a frightening experience for a Manc girl and not the happiest...

Meet the UK’s coolest campers who have created homes on wheels

Aimee Bannister aged 32, and Craig Holmes, 33, from Barrie, Wales, bought a battered old 24-seater school bus from eBay for £3,600, and transformed it into ‘Custard’, their two-seater home on wheels. The van took...

How to holiday in California, New York or Toronto without leaving Blighty

California, Bermuda, New York, Toronto, Egypt: classic holiday spots that are currently tricky (if not impossible) to get to, right? Wrong. Holidaymakers can physically visit all of these destinations without setting foot...

Wild swimming, wild camping, now enjoy a spot of mental freedom with wild washing

The world seems to have gone ‘wild’, literally. All those months of being locked up have given us a yearning to connect with nature. And is it any wonder? Who wouldn’t be tempted...

Forget Europe and take in grand, old historic Edinburgh with its 4,500 listed buildings

By Jay Fagan Edinburgh’s Mercure Edinburgh City Princes Street Hotel is the ideal mid-scale bolt-hole for families and couples seeking a staycation to explore Scotland’s glorious capital city. Although not just location, location,...

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