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Turn your bedroom into a silver screen boudoir with tips from the experts

From the iconic sleepover scene in Grease to the infamous introduction of Regina George’s ‘burn book’ in Mean Girls, cinema has certainly created some instantly memorable on-screen bedrooms over the decades. Many of...

A slide to take you from roof terrace to courtyard – the apartments that put the fun into living

One of the biggest roof terraces in London, complete with juice bar and a slide to whizz you down to the courtyard below, are some of the amazing features on offer at...

Homebuying: Is there really a financially best time to buy?

By Ella Pumford Buying a home is one of the biggest investments we make in our lives. However, while the average house price in the UK is valued at £249,633, the cost of...

British Builder and his wife give away Spanish villa in aid of The Big Issue Foundation

Stephen and Debra Else are giving away their Spanish Villa located in sunny, southern Costa Blanca to raise funds for the homeless.  Having raised their own family in the villa over the last...

DIY fanatics can now binge-watch hilarious videos Dirty Decking and The Groutfather

Wood you believe it! DIY fanatics can now log onto this hilarious entertainment site to watch how-to videos like Dirty Decking, The Groutfather and There's Something about Masonry. Ronseal launched 'Knotflicks' after conducting...

Working from home? Conservatories are so yesterday, so hunker down in a hut

As the trend for working from home gathers momentum, many are finding the back room or a corner of the dining room table is not cutting it as a long-term solution. And that's...

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