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Charity legend SpeedoMick shares his mental health battles as he nears the end of his 2,000 mile tour

Ahead of World Mental Health Day and World Homeless Day on Sunday, Britain’s most celebrated charity fundraiser, SpeedoMick, has opened up about his own battles with mental health issues, addiction and homelessness. The...

World Suicide Prevention Day: When some hear our story they say: ‘People who kill themselves are selfish,’ but it just makes us angry

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. It is also one week away from the 14th anniversary of my husband's death by his own hands. Yes, my husband took his own life. The...

Give your relationship a post-pandemic love MOT, says psychotherapist

Relationships have been under the spotlight since the pandemic began, many have blossomed under lockdown, but many have broken down. Some couples may have felt they had little choice but to tough...

Wild swimming, wild camping, now enjoy a spot of mental freedom with wild washing

The world seems to have gone ‘wild’, literally. All those months of being locked up have given us a yearning to connect with nature. And is it any wonder? Who wouldn’t be tempted...

Nine ways to talk to men about their mental health

By Agnieska Walczuk When it comes to mental health and men, the facts and stats make for difficult reading. We’ve all seen the headlines, we’ve watched the campaigns and the chances are, we...

How rewilding in the water created my unexpected Best Life

By Jo Gifford 2020. Wow, you were certainly a rollercoaster. I never expected to end the year as a cold water swimmer, dipping in the icy, foggy waters of the Cam on New...

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