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How I ate my way around London and came back pounds heavier, but surprisingly few £s lighter

Back in the day – the 80s to be exact – I worked on Woman’s Own magazine in London. It was a frightening experience for a Manc girl and not the happiest...

Taste Test: Love Yourself – the new diet meal subscription service – tackles lockdown load

We only need to take a look around at our fellow Brits to realise that lockdown has taken its toll on waistlines. Now the weather has taken a turn for the better people...

Review: Delhi House Cafe, stunning cuisine and not a poppadom in sight

My first introduction to Indian food was via a Vesta curry, a packet of dried food you added water to and cooked in a pan. I thought it was the most exciting...

Product test: Seven organic ingredients in one fiery immunity-boosting shot

Ever since I studied naturopathic nutrition, I’ve been a firm believer in taking control of my health in terms of what I eat and drink. In saying that, it’s not always easy...

Farm Bistro – An Aladdin’s cave of fabulous artefacts with a delicious menu to match

I was treated to a trip to Harrogate and a theatre visit by my kids prior to lockdown. The morning after the show, my friend and I were hungover and in desperate need...

Wrecking the diet with healthy snacks

Just as I’m starting to see a slight change in body shape as a result of Intermittent Fasting and following a keto (low carb) diet, some lovely PRs have sent me snacks...

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