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Cannabis anti-ageing spray claims to preserve youthful looks

Boffins have created a revolutionary anti-ageing skin spray – made from super-strength cannabis.

Scientists at Australian cannabis company Dolce Cann Global have developed a number of strains which boast a mix of cannabinoids with much stronger anti-inflammatory properties than standard CBD.

Wellness company Wellfully has teamed up with Dolce Cann Global to secure rights to use these strains for products to fight ageing, skin blemishes, acne and arthritis, via its proprietary drug delivery systems.

By merging beauty, science, technology, and proprietary cannabis strains, they aim to create products that use ‘ultrasonic diffusion’, ‘magnetic misting’ and other enhanced delivery systems to allow greater absorption and better penetration of the super-strength cannabinoids.

Ultrasonic diffusion allows the skin to absorb droplets which are 50 times smaller than traditional spray, leaving no undesirable residue on the skin and hair.

The magnetic misting acts on these droplets to further reduce surface tension, and allow for significantly better penetration and absorption.

Scientists are now working on testing using human-derived cell lines to analyse the bio-efficacy on seven key cannabis strains.

The potential for this stronger mix of cannabinoids and their unique activation pathways will be the key to treating anti-inflammatory associated with specific ailments.

The research should go from seed to clinical trials in 12 months, before hitting UK shelves through Wellfully’s Reduit brand in 2022.

Wellfully’s announcement comes as the cannabis-infused beauty industry continues to grow – and is expected to be worth more than £13 billion per year by 2026.

It is estimated 1.2 billion people in the world suffer from medical conditions for which cannabis has shown to be of therapeutic value.

Paul Peros, CEO of Wellfully, said: “We plan to address the needs of both the health category to treat inflammatory disorders, arthritis, rosacea and muscle recovery damage, as well as beauty for anti-ageing, acne, blemishes and beyond.

“The partnership will allow us to deliver potent strains, which research is showing to be much stronger in terms of anti-inflammatory properties than traditional CBD, using our proprietary advanced delivery systems to create new at-home products for the cannabis market.

“With Wellfully’s patented technology and go-to-market strategies, resources, brands and network globally, this will open the doors to potential of the highest level when it comes to bringing product delivery and application across sectors using cannabinoid strains that currently do not exist in this manner to consumers.

“The opportunities are endless and Brits could see the first super strength cannabis mist via our Reduit beauty brand as early as January 2022.”

Diane Cooke
Diane Cooke is a three times award-winning journalist who has worked for UK national/regional newspapers, magazines and websites.

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