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Our Besties

Welcome to our Besties page

We set up The Best Life Project during lockdown when, faced with pandemic chaos and uncertainty, we pondered what is really important to us. How do you live your best life in the aftermath of Covid-19?

A few glasses of wine later, The Best Life Project website, our vision for it and how we could support the next generation’s own best life projects, was born.

We hope, through our interviews and articles, to entertain, enhance and educate our readers, whilst building a sustainable business that will look to support, encourage, and ultimately employ our next generation. You can read more About Us here.

As with any new business, there is that chicken and egg scenario – ‘we will support you when you are established.’ We have made substantial investments in The Best Life Project but need early adopters too.

And that is where we hope you will consider coming in, as a financially supporting Bestie who understands and shares our vision for the website and its future, or just wishes us well regardless!


We have drawn up a suggested donation list, which carries a little thank you gift, sourced from a UK independent business. Each will carry the Best Life Project logo and personalised with a name of your choice.

Level One – £25

A personalised metal bottle opener keyring and our appreciation

Level Two – £65

A personalised glazed mug and our grateful thanks

Level Three – £125

An exquisite personalised handmade green tea and bergamot candle and our undying love*.

For the mega rich amongst you who want to donate more than £125, please contact us at:

* Please note we retain the right to remove our undying love at any time.