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Al and James say walking and talking is good for soul and ex-servicemen

Comedian Al Murray and WW2 Historian James Holland have challenged the UK public to supply their best military jokes and banter to help support Walking With The Wounded.

The charity has just launched its Walking Home For Christmas campaign – to support ex-military facing mental health battles.

The major fundraising drive is the charity’s only event this year. It challenges the general public to step out of their comfort zone and to walk somewhere important to them in support of Britain’s ex-military. Taking place from Thursday, December 10 – 20, the challenge is the perfect way to beat lockdown blues while obeying local Covid-19 restrictions.

The pair who run the We Have Ways of Making You Talk podcast (which discusses all things Second World War), have both come on-board this year to support those who served and to lend a hand in overcoming the new Covid-19 battlefield that is adding extra pressure mentally and physically throughout the UK.   

They will be taking on their own epic walk in December that will involve one of the most therapeutic remedies for mental health – banter! Walking and talking is good for the soul, but add a bit of military banter into the mix and you are laughing!

Over the past six years, thousands of people have done their own memorable, solo and team walks – to raise vital funds for those who have served. They have walked home, to a war memorial, to their old barracks and even carried a Christmas tree to a friend.

The charity’s Grenadier Walk of Oman expedition team, comprised of five ex-military and one currently serving, will also be walking in December in their own locations, to bring attention to the struggles that military veterans face in their day-to-day lives, and how a simple laugh can brighten the spirits.

This year’s campaign theme has been given a comedy twist and Al and James are calling out to the public for the best banter the military and ex-military have to offer to keep them entertained on their walk. They would love you to get involved and share any jokes that will help the mental toils of 2020. You can share your jokes in the comment section of the video below.

They have called on Brits across the country to put their best foot forward to raise much-needed cash to help veterans and their families – simply by going for a walk.

Al Murray said: “I would love for the British public to join me and walk. Yes, walk, it’s as simple as that. Joining Walking Home for Christmas and doing a sponsored walk will help in raising money for ex-military and their families dealing with mental health issues that have been even more challenging, with the strange Covid-19 times we find ourselves in. Myself and WW2 historian James Holland would love to hear your military jokes, stories and banter that we can read out on our walk together on our We Have Ways of Making You Talk podcast. The challenge is yours, between Thurs 10 and Sun 20 Dec for Walking With The Wounded. Sign up below. Good luck and get walking.”

James Holland added: “It’s an honour to be involved with Walking Home For Christmas this year and it’s extremely important to shine a spotlight on the importance of our mental health as well as our military veterans. I’m a big fan of walking the ground and I’m hoping that the military jokes and banter you provide will put a smile on my face, as well as Al’s! With another lockdown being implemented, getting out and walking is a great way to unwind and clear your head. So, do it for a good cause.”

The campaign invites anyone to register for free, receive a branded Santa hat and facemask and do a sponsored walk home, somewhere important to them anytime between December 10-20.

The event is aiming to support 200 ex-servicemen and women who are socially isolated, struggling with their mental health, homeless or caught in police custody as a result of poor mental health – and get them back into employment and independence.

Carolyn, WWTW’s Clinical Lead says: “There has been lots of research that backs up the message that exercise is good for us and studies have shown that exercise and physical activity can in fact treat mild to moderate depression as effectively as antidepressant medication – it’s good for our mental health and wellbeing.” 

Signing up for Walking Home For Christmas is easy and free – just log on to and register for your fundraising pack.

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