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About Us

Your Best Life was born in Lockdown. Believe It!

The idea for this exciting new lifestyle website was born out of the lockdown of 2020 when people began to take stock of their lives and changing priorities.

Many decided to learn new skills, reconnect with friends and family, reassess their lifestyles or become more supportive of their community. In other words, they decided to improve the quality of their lives.

And we were no different.

We evaluated our own lifestyles and decided to put our experience, reputations, skills, and what savings we had to good use and so The Best Life Project became a reality.

We aim, through our interviews and articles; to entertain, enhance and educate our readers, whilst building a sustainable business that will look to support, encourage, and ultimately employ our next generation of creatives.

And for those who want change, who knows, we might just be building a movement of people who don’t want to sleepwalk back to the life they had before lockdown but pursue their own Best Life Projects.

Who are ‘we?’

Jacqueline is well known in the North West of England for founding The Inspiring Women Awards which have celebrated the successes of women for over 25 years. Her career has involved setting up ground-breaking projects, senior-level and board appointments across Finance, Law, Charity, Media and Government. She is a travel writer; food & drink judge and reviewer and visiting lecturer at Chester Business School.

Diane is a triple award-winning journalist and Editor who has worked for regional and national newspapers, magazines and websites. Latterly, she was Editor of Reach PLC’s Perspecs news app, which received a Google Innovation Award. She was a diet consultant for a major UK slimming organisation, has studied naturopathic nutrition and ran the family’s Spanish restaurant for five years.

Image Credit Pierce Moon.