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8 New Year’s resolutions to create the very best version of you in 2021

2021 is your time to shine. After a challenging past year in lockdown and adjusting to the new normal, it’s time to take back control and focus on being the best version of you. It’s all about getting off the Coronacoaster and choosing a new ride – one that’s all about you.

Sam Burgess (pictured), from Brighton UK, a Life Coach and Business Mentor at Small and Mighty Co has put together some top tips so you can reach your personal best in the New Year. From health and wellbeing, to happiness, fitness and tweakments, we’ve got you covered.

Boost your confidence

Start the New Year with a confidence boosting smile. If you feel self-conscious about your smile and it’s holding you back, then you’re not alone – 40% of Brits are unhappy with their teeth. SmileDirectClub’s clear aligner therapy can safely straighten teeth in an average of 4-6 months and help you create a smile that you’ll be proud of in 2021. Visit to book a free appointment at one of their UK SmileShops to have a 3D image taken of your teeth or by ordering a dentist-prescribed, easy-to use, at-home impression kit that’s delivered to your home. 

Wakeup and workout

Start the day the right way with a healthy shot of endorphins. As well as kick-starting your metabolism, early morning exercise will improve your focus, help you relax and give you a much-needed glow. 2020 was all about Joe Wicks but now it’s time to find something that works for you, whether that’s a gentle sun salutation, a park run or a hardworking HITT class. Track your progress and take control of your fitness goals with MyFitnessPal, a free app developed by Under Armour. Make 2021 the start of your journey to fitness.

Food is medicine

Heal your body and feed your soul with a few simple adjustments to your diet. Give up grazing, cut out rubbish and never, ever skip breakfast. Try to eat clean, unprocessed food, at least two portions of fruit or veg with each meal and don’t forget to include healthy fats. For inspiration and advice on how to improve your health through food visit The Doctor’s Kitchen

The Oura ring for tracking sleep

Get some rest

Sleep is non-negotiable; it’s critical to your mood, energy levels and even influences the way you eat. Get 7-9 hours quality sleep and you’ll instantly feel like a brand new you. Switch off and relax. Start by making your bedroom a haven for sleep. Turn devices off before bedtime, have a warm bath and load up on lavender – just a few drops on your pillow should help you drift off. Or why not imitate Prince Harry and invest in an Oura Ring – a wearable device that tracks your sleep.

Passion Project

There’s more to life than work. Spend your precious downtime doing rather than dreaming. Pick a project away from the workplace, something that brings you joy – be it baking, making or creating – and pursue it with passion. Build your skills and access online-learning courses with apps like Skillshare or Coursera. And who knows where it will lead? A new career could be just around the corner.

Meditation is what you need

This year has certainly been a big test for us all. And while there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel, if you’re still feeling stressed and overwhelmed, meditation could be the answer. As well increasing self-awareness and reducing negative emotions, meditation can also help to control anxiety, lengthen your attention span and improve sleep. There are loads of free apps out there, but our favourite is Insight Timer.

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Hygge your home

If you haven’t yet embraced the Danish trend and brought a little hygge into your home, then here are some ways to create a cosy and welcoming space. Lift the spirits with a candlelit glow, fill a shelf with gorgeous books, or create a nook where you can curl up with a blanket and relax.

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